Vapiano (Berlin, Germany)

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This German chain serving Italian dishes is a popular food chain in Europe (at least in Germany and Switzerland) almost all key locations have a Vapiano branch. The concept of this establishment is a pizza and pasta bar, where food is made to order on a canteen style counter where you queue, order and watch your food being cooked in front of your very eyes.

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There are several sections where each have a chef on the end to take your orders, first you have the pasta and risotto section

Vapiano 05

Vapiano 06

then your salad section

Vapiano 08

and your pizza section, where waiting is not recommended as you will be given a tag that vibrates when your pizza is ready.

Vapiano 07

Apart from the pizza which is quite popular in this place the waiting time is not that long especially when you can see you food being cooked. I suggest when you dine in here if you are ordering a pizza, pasta and salad have someone queue on each section so there’s no time wasted in waiting.

You will also notice fresh herbs in pots everywhere, you can just grab those and place in your table so you can use it on your dishes.

Vapiano 12

Wife queued on the salad section and she got the following, some Caesars Salad and some Caprese. I love both but the Caprese was amazing, the large fresh mozzarella ball is something to die for, I think I finished all of that basil pot in front of me.

Vapiano 10

Vapiano 11

The my daughter came in with a carbonara, I saw this being cooked and it was a good sight to watch unfortunately it was not as par as the carbonara we make at home according to my daughter, I guess she is so used to my cooking it’s hard to please her at this point. I gave it a try it was not bad but not that amazing as well, I guess its lacking some bacon flavour, a bit more of bacon will definitely make this much better.

Vapiano 13

After several minutes the tag started to vibrate which means our pizza is ready. What we ordered is a pepperoni pizza and some calzone. Both were great, I guess that’s why this is this has a long queue, the crust was chewy with the perfect thickness and it simply just tasted amazing.

Vapiano 14

Vapiano 15

Both are quite massive so we had some takeaways afterwards.

Overall the experience was good, food was great and the place was amazing, it was not that expensive either.

Vapiano 03

Vapiano 04

It was a great concept definitely something new for us, hopefully they open one here in Auckland specially when there is already a branch located in New Zealand’s big brother Australia.

Vapiano 16

Address: Europa Center, Tauentzienstraße 9-12, 10789 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 23005060

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4 Responses

  1. I used to love to go to Vapiano but they removed my favourite pizza from the menu – prosciutto with brie, and now I am not going there that often anymore. It is still a very affordable pizza and pasta place with many stores in Vienna 🙂

  2. How cool! Love its concept and ambiance. We’d love to have one of those here in the US. Everything looks delicious!

  3. Juliana says:

    Wow Raymund…what a lovely place…so cozy and exquisite…and the menu really sounds awesome…thanks for sharing all the delicious dishes…
    Have a wonderful week 🙂

  4. OOOh, I wish that chain was here in New Zealand! Cheers

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