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FoodLoop (Europa Park, Germany)

Never in my life I had thought of seeing a restaurant like this, when I first had a glimpse with this establishment I felt like a child watching what’s happening from the window outside in awe. Yeah that’s what actually happened because after we finished one of the rides this was the next building beside it, one window is on the walkway on the exit.

That glimpse certainly sold me to this restaurant-attraction, watching those food items and drinks ride a small roller coasters with loops and steep drops intrigued me, why doesn’t it spill? What sorcery is this? We then dined in even we already had some lunch at Coca-Cola SportsBar – Arena of Football.

It’s quite full at that time when we enter the place even if its 2pm in the afternoon already but luckily we were immediately seated. The ordering system is quite different as well as there are not humans to interact with you, on your table you have a number and a screen where you can order you food.

Once ordered, it goes to a central command aka the kitchen where it is prepared. Once done they place it in the rails where it ends up on your table

It is really like a rollercoaster where food are delivered via a chain system to the top and when it reaches the peak it’s all gravity from there

It will then perform a series of twists and turns but not all passes into a loop,

until it reaches to a downward spiral above your tables where each food item is secured in it train (cart).

Everything is delivered through this system but I can’t remember how this tea reached our tables, I was so amazed at the orchestration of food items on these tracks I don’t even saw how our first order was delivered.

What we ordered are mostly desserts, drinks and some pasta as like I said we already had a light lunch. What we tried are some spätzle and some carbonara. This is the first time I had this spätzle and never expected it to taste like that, so I can’t comment if it’s good or not. By the way, the carbonara was good.

We also had this amazing fruit cake, don’t remember its name but on their site it’s just called Seasonal Fruit Tart, it reminds me of the Philippine crema de fruta as they are constructed nearly the same way but instead of using tropical fruits cherries and other berries are used.

And since we passed by the Black Forest on the way here we have to order the Black Forest, again this was great and it was light, really good as an afternoon snack

with some ice coffee

and some strawberry milkshake

The drinks were rich and good, a perfect match for the light cakes.

After dining, I kept on looking at the food on the rails, was totally amazed by this

And to satisfy the child in me I have to find where everything starts, the place where the kitchen delivers this food items on the rail.

It was near the exit area, also in that area is this plaque proudly hanged on their wall

A four star excellence from Trip Advisor, and yes it is all worth those four stars if not even more, it certainly amazed me and the food was good.

Definitely a fun place especially if you have kids.

Address: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany

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