Coca-Cola Sports Bar – Arena of Football (Europa Park, Germany)

Coca-Cola SportsBar - Arena of Footbal 01

Theme park food most of the time is not that great, they are bland, dry and most of all its expensive. That’s a different case in Europa Park though I haven’t tried it all the ones I had was better than your average theme park meals. First of the restaurants that we dined in here was this Coca-Cola Sports Bar – Arena of Football, shaped like a soccer ball this place it located right in the centre of the theme park.

Inside the place is a fast food style counter with some scattered arcade games on the side and at the back are some dodgems. While we order our meals my daughter rode the dodgems to save some time and once she is finished we all have our meals on our table, lucky there was not much queues on the dodgem rides.

Coca-Cola SportsBar - Arena of Footbal 02

What we ordered are the set meals and it consist of burgers in a pretzel bun shaped like a soccer ball, some nachos and a drink and it does not cost that much, I just can’t remember exactly how much. I checked their menu online and I can’t find it but if you notice their prices are reasonable. So let’s go to the food, the nachos was just OK but I was amazed with the texture of the buns, it’s chewy but moist. The patty was quite tasty as well, it’s not like the usual beef burger patty, I think it has some pork added to it, it’s quite flavourful and does not need to be thick to taste really meaty.

It’s quite a good burger and if this is sold in the major burger chains I might order this in a regular basis but I guess that’s not going to happen and in the future if I crave for it then I will either make something similar, look for something similar or go back and grab the same thing I had (which is 18,353km away).

Coca-Cola Sports Bar – Arena of Football
Address: Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust, Germany


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  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    Perfect post for National Cheeseburger Day. 🙂 Sometimes places that cater for children can be fun. Nothing better than seeing kids smile.

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