Lindt Factory Store Again! (Zurich, Switzerland)

Everytime we visit Zurich we make sure that we visit this Lindt Factory store located in Seestrasse in Kilchberg. We go here always to try out chocolate flavours not available in our home country New Zealand as well as trying out flavours that are not available anywhere (special flavours only sold in factory store).

Apart from that we also get to buy those special boxed confections

Lindt Factory Store 13

at a very reduced price

Lindt Factory Store 03

though they are not packed on boxes, they are the exact same thing you get when you buy the expensive ones.

We also love getting different flavours of the ever popular Lindor

Lindt Factory Store 01
where you can get hold of trying their new flavours as well

Lindt Factory Store 02

All in all I guess there are around 17+ flavours of Lindor in this factory shop during the time of our visit from the classic caramel, extra dark, hazelnut to the seasonal and new flavours you see on the photo above.

Lindt Factory Store 14

It’s so addicting, trying out all of that 17 flavours (which we did) feels like a surprise every time you open the foil packet. I think after we paid until we got home (mom’s place), in less than 30 minutes I tried all of the flavours and I was actually full not from lunch food but from chocolates.

Having said that there are other treats you can buy from the usual popular ones

Lindt Factory Store 06

Lindt Factory Store 07

Lindt Factory Store 15

Lindt Factory Store 16

to some special and seasonal editions

Lindt Factory Store 09

Lindt Factory Store 10

Lindt Factory Store 11

Lindt Factory Store 12

There’s even this Nutella or Ovomaltine style spreads.

Lindt Factory Store 08

And other brands that I never had heard of

Lindt Factory Store 05

But most important of all some boxed pre-selected chocolates for you to bring home for yourself, friends and family.

Lindt Factory Store 04

We love this place and would definitely visit this place again and again trying out their new creations as well as buying some of our favourites.

Lindt & Sprüngli Factory Store
Address: Seestrasse 204, 8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 716 22 33


5 Responses

  1. Simply my fave chocolate brand… so smooth, so scrumptious. It’s a pity that we don’t find such a variety of flavors in the US. I’d love to try their mango passion fruit for example, but here it is nowhere to be found. :( Thanks for sharing your rich, happy adventure with us!

  2. This looks amazing! I would love to go there someday.

  3. suituapui says:

    We can buy quite a wide range of their chocolates here…but of course, they do not come cheap. :(

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