Movenpick (Zurich, Switzerland)

After our long flight at last we arrived in Zurich, we had a quick rest and the first food destination was Movenpick in Theaterstrasse right in the heart of Zurich. Nothing can get better than this, eating this ice cream from where it came from.

Movenpick 01

The moment we entered the premises I feel like the chimes of heaven just played before me, I felt like a really happy child. Then came confusion as there are a lot of flavours to choose from, many of them really interesting like this Double Cream Meringue, the Espresso Croquant and the Macadamia Dulce de Leche, I want to try them all but

Movenpick 02

it was expensive for a non-Swiss earning person, a scoop costs CHF 4.30, two scoops costs CHF 7.90 and three scoops costs CHF 11.50 that is cost exactly the same in US$ just change the monetary sign and for me it will be NZ$ 6.75, NZ$ 12.40 and NZ$ 18.00 respectively so I have to hold that thought of trying it all.

Movenpick 03

What we did ended up doing is trying the specialties on menu not the scooped ice creams. So time to pick the usual ones and see how it par with the non Movenpick variants.

Movenpick 04


Movenpick 06

After looking at every item on the menu we decided to get some Banana Split topped with vanilla ice cream

Movenpick 07

then some Belgian waffles topped with pistachio ice cream

Movenpick 11

some crepes topped with chocolate ice cream

Movenpick 10

It was a revelation on each bite of these desserts, the ice cream was full flavoured and it’s so creamy delicious. Love the pistachios and chocolates as it really packs tons of flavour in a minuscule scoop. It’s so good we decided to get just the ice cream on its own without the fancy stuff. So another scoop of pistachios on cone

Movenpick 08

then another chocolate in cup.

Movenpick 09

After this we are in seventh heaven, we tried other flavours before and all of them are the special edition ones but we never tried the common flavours, I am glad we did it this time and definitely will do the same thing again next.

Mövenpick Ice Cream Gallery
Address: Theaterstrasse 8, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 268 04 20


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