You know it’s a long flight if you are having 6 meals in a plane

I remember I posted in my Facebook Wall that I love airline food, not everyone will have the same feeling but for me there is something special about it. Imagine the chefs designing food that can last a whole flight in some sort of food warmer, imagine the thought process involved deciding how to cook things so vegetables don’t wilt too much, meats don’t dry out, as well as not overcooking the dishes in the warmer while delivering a high quality food. I know the dishes served are not perfect and not as par as the one you eat in a fancy restaurant but if you take into account the things involved in how it’s made then it’s a different ball game.

Not all airline food are created equal as some serve crappy ones but some serve really good ones so choose your airline wisely if you love food. I have a fair share of travel throughout these years and quite lucky that of all my travels I guess I only had 20% (or less) in total of bad experience in food served, its either they are bland, overcooked or too tough but in my last travel going to and from Europe using Thai airways I had a good experience. That experience is multiplied eight folds as I had 4 full meals one way plus 2 snacks (did not count this one).

Four full on meals one way to Europe, yes that a long flight. Two breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner, two snacks and lots of drinks. On boarding I guess after one and a half hours or two they start serving breakfast as my flight was in the morning, the menu can be seen on the in-flight entertainment unit.

Thai Airways 01

From this you can also order extra things like drinks and snacks. So let’s go to the first serving, in the Economy class there are always two options apart from the special dietary needs. What was served was a choice between Roesti and Bacon with Scrambled Eggs; and Chipolatas and Omelettes. These are then served with Croissants, fresh fruits and yoghurt. Interesting enough I loved the croissants, I never expected this, as the common croissants I tried outside Europe was not as soft, buttery and flaky, this one was everything apart from flaky, it’s so good you don’t need anything with it.

Thai Airways 05 Thai Airways 04

Several hours and movies later then they served snacks and in between the Thai Airways stewards and stewardesses continue to serve drinks like a waiter in a cocktail bar, we never went thirsty. Next serving was lunch and while they are preparing the food we can smell it from the cabins. It was a choice of Chicken Pa-naeng  served with Steamed Vegetables; and Beef Goulash with Pearl Onions served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Both were served with a chocolate cake, bread roll and salad and both tasted amazing but the Chicken Pa-naeng is a little bit too spicy for my wife. Lunch was served I guess nearly an hour and a half before landing at our stop over.

Thai Airways 03 Thai Airways 02

Then we arrived at our stopover in Bangkok, we have to switch planes and fly again. Like the usual schedule first serving was after an hour and a half into the flight but this time it was dinner. The selection this time was some sort of Spicy Prawns in pasta; and Chicken and Vegetables in rice. Both were served with fresh tropical fruits, bread rolls and salad. Again my palate agreed with the flavours specially that prawn pasta, impressive the prawns are still juicy and succulent even it was prepared at least 4 to 6 hours ahead of the serving time.

Thai Airways 07 Thai Airways 08

Then the dreaded long wait, one and a half movies later then a snack

Thai Airways 06

Then again the dreaded long wait, one and a half movies later then its breakfast time. This time we did not tried the other option as both me and my wife chose the same dish of some sort of luncheon meat, omelette and spinach, this was again served with the croissant and tropical fruits.

Off all the dishes served to us in the whole flight this last one was our least favourite which is good in a way as we are landing to our destination and we can grab any food we want. We are also loaded with airline food so we don’t mind not finishing this.

Overall the dishes are amazing, they are all well-seasoned and tasty. The serving vessels are also impressive as some of it was served in a proper ceramic bowls and with metal cutleries (this are rare nowadays). I had flown with Thai Airways in the past and definitely one of my first choices when it comes to food, happy to have another long flight with them.


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  1. Thanks for the post, I think it is super helpful!
    I never flew with Thai Airways but will definitely consider it when I have the chance :)

  2. Toby says:

    Glad you showed economy meals instead of first class. Thai airlines food looks good. But not all of us have access to them bc they do not fly all routes. One airline I will not fly is Cathay. Had a really bad experience with them. But I Delta any day.

  3. Kristy says:

    That was a seriously long flight! I know flight meals are my kids absolute favorite part of flying! Our last trip we had a decent meal, but that was a first. You’re right though a lot does have to go into the planning for these to work!

    • TOBY says:

      Raymund, I did not say I did not like airline food. Although, its difficult to enjoy it in cramp quarters, like keeping the wrappers from falling off the tray, etc. I will say though that never opt for “special meals”. I thought I would try it one time and totally regretted it.

      I think its great that airlines serve international food in international flights. Its a good way to introduce the unexposed to other cultures – even just thru food. What we eat in ethnic restaurants in our country may not necessarily be the real thing.

  4. Lizzie says:

    I always choose Asian vegetarian option when I book – you get served your food first, and you get some really delicious curries. That relies on you being able to eat curry for breakfast – not a problem for me.

  5. suituapui says:

    I love airline food too. Everything you had sure looks very good.

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