The Cut On Federal (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

The Cut On Federal 01

We dined in here several months ago when we had a team function at my workplace so what you will see here is not their normal menu which looks more amazing but more of the function menu which I guess changes on a normal basis.

Just at the ground floor of the Rydges Auckland this place is not that obvious compared to other restaurants, the hotel is also situated on the smaller streets of Auckland but still in the centre of CBD so I don’t know if this establishment fill up with patrons at night. During the time we were there on a lunch time there’s not much people in the premises.

The Cut On Federal 02

Like I mentioned we had the function menu and it served like buffet style, I can remember there were several mains which I don’t have a photo of and the only ones I got are the ones I tried. From the selection I just grabbed some butter chicken, a couple of lamb racks, chicken salad, kumara salad and some rice. The food was great apart from the butter chicken which I expected to be spicier (I guess this was adjusted for the Kiwi palate). I did not go for seconds because I was prepping for the dinner which I know would be a feast.

The Cut On Federal 03

I did go for desserts where I got hold of some fresh fruits, chocolate mousse and some form of lemon cake. The desserts were great especially the chocolate mousse, the moment you bite it you will know good cocoa was used in making this dessert.

Though this was just the function menu I think it was great but after looking at their proper dinner menu was thinking I need to try it one of this days.

The Cut on Federal
Address: 59 Federal St Cnr Kingston Street, Central City, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Phone: +64 9 375 5900


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