Kampung Malaysia (Auckland, New Zealand)

Food courts sometimes have that bad reputation, might be because they look like fast food and they don’t have a proper premises like a restaurant but sometimes these stalls are hidden gems waiting for you to discover and find. As a working class person I have a good share of food court experience, from malls in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and here in New Zealand, I tried a lot of them, I even remember there was one instance in Philippines where we have to try all of the stalls one a day until we exhausted them all.

One of these gems is hidden at Posnsonby Food Court, Kampung Malaysia is the name. We tried this place several times and I always order their chicken curry paired with a couple of roti, as of this post I think I had tried this for more than 4 times and you know what that means, it’s definitely delicious. The chicken curry is so tasty, spiced really right not too hot and paired that with freshly cooked oily, flaky soft roti, it’s a match made in heaven.

Kampung Malaysia 02

Another good dish we just recently tried was this seafood curry laksa, same thing with the chicken curry its spiced right but still expect full flavours from the creamy coconut milk and seafood flavours. The dish is not shabby with its seafood, it has tons of them making the seafood lover in me very happy.

Kampung Malaysia 01

I love this place but I have to try their other offering, I will blame the delicious chicken curry for not having done that during the past visits, it’s so good I only order that and not the others. Hopefully in the future visits I will have the courage to drop my favourite for the other menu items.

Kampung Malaysia
Address: 106 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
Phone: 09-360 9869
Website: http://www.ponsonbyfoodcourt.co.nz/


2 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    I’m like you, when I find a good dish at a restaurant I tend to order it over and over.

  2. Oh I love Laksa!
    If you love that curry that much you can just always drop by with friends and share the dishes, then you can try new ones but also can enjoy the chicken curry. That is my secret strategy ;)

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