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A lot of my officemates ask me “what do Filipinos eat for breakfast?” and when I answer rice they always have that surprised look on their face. I even tell them we eat rice all the time like breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts as well as merienda (tea time). After that question the follow up is what type of dishes would that be? Then I started to explain all those “silog” breakfasts even arrozcaldo, goto and champorado then they become even more surprised. Then I told them don’t they eat rice for breakfast? And they all answer no until I told them that creamed rice and cereals like rice crispies are made of rice then they started to understand.

Today we will be posting one of those popular “silog” breakfasts and today we are having longsilog short for LONGaniza, SInagnag and itLOG. Longaniza might sound exotic to non-Filipinos but actually this dish is more pleasing than sausages that contain meats and offal which you might not know of. Longaniza is a Filipino style sausage made out of real pork meat with no offal or what so ever, meat is minced and mixed with loads of garlic seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar which gives it a savoury sweet taste, it can be enjoyed skinless or skin on. Usually this sausages are consumed during breakfast with sinangag or even a hot pandesal.

  1. Click on the ingredients above to see how it’s made.
  2. Place a big cup of sinangag together with tocino and atchara then top rice with sunny side up eggs.




7 Responses

  1. Looks like my kind of breakfast. Those mini snags sound amazing. Where would one go to find them?

  2. OMG,I just made homemade Longganisa last night and is ready for frying… This looks so good.

  3. One of the best breakfast with vinegar and garlic as a dipping condiment. And of course with hot coffee. Breakfast of champions!

  4. Dear Raymund,

    Rice for brekky is truly an Asian phenomena!

  5. My fave breakfast!!! Truly filipino-style!

  6. Mike Cola says:

    After seeing things like Balit (sp) and some of the fried veggie/fish comfort food I was convinced that I would never eat Filipino food. But the deeper I dig, I find foods like this that are just look and sound so delicious. Is that a cream sauce on top of the egg

    • Raymund says:

      No cream sauce, its just how I cooked my eggs, for some reason the egg white went up. Its also to show that photos here at Ang Sarap is not edited to make it look good, what you see is what we eat after a quick shoot.

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