El Sizzling Chorizo (Auckland, New Zealand)

El Sizzling Chorizo 1

This is the second restaurant we dined in at Ponsonby Central but this was the first one we wanted to try, too bad it was full the last time we were there so we have to try some other place. When you pass by this place it is so inviting due to the fact that they have big fire grill easily seen by every passer-by, and imagine all of those aroma that linger in the air as you walk.

This establishment sorts of remind me of the amazing Wildfire Churrascaria less the gluttony, if you know what I mean. They serve grilled meats from beef, ribs, pork belly, chicken and even their breads are fire grilled, these meats are then served with salad and chimichurri sauce. It’s a small restaurant so if you don’t want to wait in line make sure make a reservation before coming in otherwise you will have the similar fate to us where we waited 20 minutes (take note they promised 45).

El Sizzling Chorizo 2

We nearly gave up waiting on the 15th minute because there is one restaurant near the vicinity that also have rave reviews but as nearly decided to stop waiting they called me on my phone and said our table was ready. Now even the harder part, waiting for your order as you look at the meats being grilled. The wait time after the order was somewhere around the 15 minute mark but this makes sure you got freshly grilled meats on your plate, ooops I stand to be corrected they serve it in chopping boards.

Our first order was grilled sirloin 300g ($22.00), all I can say is that the meat is tender and really juicy, well-seasoned.

El Sizzling Chorizo 4

The next order was the orejano platter ($37.00) where it contains 1 a chorizo, 1 empanada, pork belly, flank steak, bread and barbecued potatoes. This was the deal, if you are hungry I recommend you to get this. Love everything in this, the chorizo was good, the empanada is even better, I love the pulled beef filling, grilled meats were amazing specially that pork with crispy skin. The grilled bread was also delicious, love the texture of it I hope they serve it with two of this.

El Sizzling Chorizo 3

Definitely will go back here but next time I will make a reservation.

Update: Photos of succeeding visits

El Sizzling Chorizo
Address: 4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
Phone: +649-378 0119
Website: http://www.elsizzlingchorizo.co.nz/

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  1. Wow the portions look huge!! You made me crave steaks now since I won’t be visiting this place any time soon but it will be on my list when I am visiting NZ 🙂

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