Kingscliff Kitchen (Kingscliff NSW, Australia)

Kingscliff Kitchen 1

When we visited this place I knew people will look at us because imagine this, two busloads of people coming into a small town in one restaurant. Indeed it was the case and we even showed our presence there when we cheered a New Zealand Rugby Team as they scored a goal against Australian team on their telly. I guess we got louder and louder with our cheer so the television was moved on to a different channel where two Australian teams were playing.

Anyways we were not there to watch but rather enjoy each ones company as we have our last day on the place. Like any nights we had on Kingscliff booze was overflowing so we were nearly full just before our dinner. The appetizers was quite filling as well, they served sourdough alongside some cold cuts, hummus, pesto, blue cheese and olives.

Kingscliff Kitchen 2

For the dinner since it’s quite a task getting orders from 2 bus loads of people our organizers just pre ordered three different food items, a choice of Salmon, Chicken with Salad and Angus Beef. I can’t decide whether I will get the chicken or the salmon and same goes to my colleague beside me so we just both and shared it between us.

Kingscliff Kitchen 3

The chicken dish was quite large, it was served with tons of salad and deliciously grilled haloumi cheese. I love this dish and would easily give this an A+++.

Let’s go on to the Salmon dish, which was served with spaghetti squash and green beans. This was equally amazing, the salmon was cooked to perfection and the spaghetti squash was amazing, it was sweet creamy delicious.

Kingscliff Kitchen 4

I definitely enjoyed the food in here and not just that the entertainment was great as well. As we were winding down the night we sat near the stage area where this guy with his guitar plays amazingly well such a talented act, definitely will visit this restaurant again if I pass by this place in the future.

Kingscliff Kitchen
Address: 102 Marine Parade Kingscliff NSW 2487, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6674 1406


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