Season Restaurant (Kingscliff NSW, Australia)

Season Restaurant 1

When I was in Kingscliff me and other delegates from my company stayed at Peppers Salt Resort & Spa a really nice and quiet resort near the beach, in this resort they have this restaurant called Season where we had our breakfast and lunch. All of the breakfast we had was enjoyed on their restaurant which is located on the right wing of the resort, while the lunches were served on the lobby in a similar buffet style.

First morning I still have that excitement of having a buffet breakfast, I guess like most of you :)

I always tend to try everything on this first morning but the novelty fades on the next few days. My first two breakfasts look like this where I grabbed some tons of bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and baked beans. I also enjoyed this with some sour dough with butter and vegemite, yeah I learned to love this stuff.

Season Restaurant 3

Also had tried some pastries and it stopped there, I never had a chance to have some other breakfast items like corn flakes, muesli, pancakes and fruits will be reserving this on other days.

Season Restaurant 2

Our first lunch was Mexican themed, where hard and soft tacos were served. The choice of fillings were chicken, minced beef and beans, it was also served with some salad, guacamole, rice, cheese, sour cream and many more. Overall the food served on the first day was good, the only thing is that the Mexican lunch was not spicy enough to my standards.

Season Restaurant 4

On to the second day. My breakfast look similar to the first day but in lesser amount and lunch was something different. We were given the healthy option, might be because we already partied hard during the last two nights so it’s a good time to balance things out. What we had for our second day lunch was some grilled chicken breast, grilled white fish, quinoa, couscous, baked spinach and cheese in filo pastry. For a healthy dish this was quite tasty, expectations exceeded.

Season Restaurant 5

Final day, I had a lighter breakfast where I made some pancake stack with bacon and maple syrup which I enjoyed with blueberries, grapes, rock melon and honey dew. No lunch this time as our flight was 10:00 AM in the morning.

Season Restaurant 6

Season is definitely a nice restaurant, a place to dine especially when you stay at their resort having said that if you have multiple days stay in Kingscliff you should also definitely try the other places nearby so you can experience why they say it’s a place known for becoming a gourmet destination.

Season Restaurant
Address: Bells Blvd, Kingscliff NSW 2487, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6674 7766

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