Surf Club Kingscliff (Kingscliff NSW, Australia)

Surf Club Kingscliff 01

Our first dinner at Kingscliff was at this place, our company had rented the whole place for our night’s event. This place does not look like a restaurant because it’s a Surf Club but they do make some great food. It was a party night for our company where 4 full buses from New Zealand filled this place up where we enjoyed unlimited booze, cocktails and a long night ahead of us.

Too bad I never had photos of the cocktails as they were amazing, taking pictures of these was a major task because when the servers come out of the kitchen they are swarmed with lots of hungry people waiting to get fed. The least I can do is tell you what was served on the cocktail bar and the ones I remembered were these pork belly bites, vegetarian dumplings and something like cheese and onion tarts, these were all amazing specially the pork belly, it was very tender and really delicious.

Surf Club Kingscliff 03

After these burger stations were opened where you can make your own burgers there are several ingredients that you can choose from but my preference would be beef patties, bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, beetroots, tomatoes with barbecue sauce. Also got some chips or what other call French Fries which was surprisingly good, one of the best chips I ever tried. The burgers was equally amazing as well, the patties was not overly thick and it was just the right size.

Surf Club Kingscliff 02

Next time I am having a party I will make it similar to this, it’s a great idea and you don’t have to worry about assembling them for your guest, let them do it and design what they like and all you need to do is to prepare the ingredients.

Cudgen Headland Surf Life Saving Club
Address: 63 Marine Parade, Kingscliff NSW 2487, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6674 1573


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