Longaniza Dog

Longaniza Dog

Several months ago my wife told me why not create something unique that other haven’t made yet and so I did which I started with the Ultimate Pinoy Burger. I was inspired and challenged by that comment so once in a while I will be creating some original recipes that no one ever made before, it can be a mash up of already existing food items or a totally new creation. I am not sure if you can patent recipes but I heard that you can’t, or if you can it would be a lengthy process so I will be forgetting it for now (unless someone helps me to do so). That means whatever is posted here might be or will be copied by someone someday and hopefully with the help of my blog readers and the power of internet archive if any of this recipes are to be found somewhere sometime, someone will know that it originally appeared at Ang Sarap. So starting today to better identify what those recipes are I created a category called “Ang Sarap Original“, though I have the Freestyle category this does not count as an original because the ones I categorize with this keyword has been existing on other sites already before me even though I thought they weren’t the first time I made it.

Anyways let’s go back to our recipe today.
When I was brainstorming what I will be doing for today’s post, I was thinking of making a Filipino variety of the American Hotdog. I was thinking of replacing the main elements like the hotdogs, pickles and its condiments with something Filipino. So with the hotdogs I replaced them with longaniza, a Filipino style sweet garlicky sausage. The pickle relish I replaced them atchara, a Filipino style atchara made from green papaya. I then added tomatoes and salted duck eggs as this is usually used to pair with longaniza for breakfasts. Finally I topped it with some garlic infused mayonnaise.

Now it’s serving time and I was awaiting for my, my wife and daughters verdict. It surprisingly worked on hotdog buns and definitely if I have a restaurant I will be serving this there. It’s a good combination of flavours and texture which I guess a lot of people will love.

Longaniza Dog
Serves: 4
  1. Combine mayonnaise and garlic together, set aside
  2. Steam hotdog buns in high setting for a minute.
  3. Cut hotdog buns in the middle then add one heaping tbsp of atchara, one skinless longaniza, three slices of salted duck eggs, two slices of tomatoes and top with garlic mayonnaise. Serve.


Longaniza Dog Wide


4 Responses

  1. Kristy says:

    Nice creation! I’ll look forward to your originals. You have such a wide knowledge base to draw from for inspiration and unique combinations. It will be fun!

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    Wow, what a clever dish! I love original dishes. More, more! 🙂

  3. Good luck and lots of inspiration for your quest!
    Great idea and perfect for summer!
    It reminds of me Yakitate! Japan in case you are familiar with the manga 😉

  4. Wow. The dish looks so American but you used Filipino spices. And it turned out great! It’s very wonderful and I believe it’s very tasty.

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