Tanuki’s Cave (Auckland, New Zealand)

Last time I had been here was a Yakitori party where we devoured on basically most types of yakitori Tanuki’s cave have to offer, this time was quite different but it was even a better feast as we had the best course menu on offer.

Tanuki's Cave 01

At $45.00 per person, their Tanuki course has the following:

Edamame Steamed Soya Beans – I guess you know this by now, it’s a normal fare in any Japanese restaurant

Tanuki's Cave 06

Miso Soup – Same as this

Tanuki's Cave 09

Fresh Spring Roll with Vegetable Served with Scallop and Prawn – Of all of what was served this was my least favourite, for me it just don’t cut it and did not have enough flavour.

Tanuki's Cave 08

Fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi – Look how fresh the fish are, the tuna was good as well.

Tanuki's Cave 07

“Aburi (Flame-Grilled) Salmon rolled Sushi and Chicken Rolled Sushi – This was the heaviest dish of the bunch, I suggest you have this last.

Tanuki's Cave 05

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura – The prawns were perfectly cooked, crispy and juicy, not too oily.

Tanuki's Cave 10

Grilled Salmon with Butter Soy Sauce – This was my personal favourite of all, the thickness of the salmon was perfect and it was seasoned really well.

Tanuki's Cave 11

Teriyaki Chicken and Steak with Broccoli, Mushroom and Green Beans – Another nice dish, the chicken was not overcooked and really juicy and that is the same with the steak as well.

Tanuki's Cave 12

and Mochi Ice Cream for Dessert – This sums it all up, a really nice dessert to finish a really good feast.

Tanuki's Cave 13

This may look like not a lot especially if I mentioned that those were shared with others but imagine multiply those servings by four and it was divided to 14 people. That’s a lot of food and we are all stuffed up after that dining experience, so stuffed we cannot have any more drinks like sake or some Asahi.

Tanuki's Cave 02

Overall dining experience was amazing, the food was great and the staff were friendly, we never waited long enough for the next course to follow and in the end it all piled up in our tables as we started to get full just halfway the course. The place feels like you are in Japan as it was quiet (meaning no sounds from other diners only from us), we were secluded on the mezzanine floor all to ourselves in a real Japanese dining setting where the tables are low and you sit on a thin floor pillow. Unless you can’t squat there’s nothing to complain about.

Tanuki's Cave 04

Tanuki’s Cave
Address: 319 Queen St, Auckland, 1010
Phone: +649 379 5151
Wbesite: http://www.sakebars.co.nz/cave/


4 Responses

  1. cquek says:

    this looks sinfully delicious and I would gladly give in to temptation

  2. nope, i’ve got a big tummy so i think the portion suits me Ray…..

  3. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    Auckland has some really good food. I’d like to visit Tanuki’s Cave as well as many of the ethnic restaurants that city has.

  4. Now that is a plate of tukka. 🙂
    You really have access to some incredible eats.

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