Tokyo Club (Auckland, New Zealand)

A look on what this Japanese Restaurant called Tokyo Club in Ponsonby Central has to offer at lunch time.

Tokyo Club 1

I work in the city so during weekends we rarely visit the place as I want to have a change of scenery away from the busy CBD until one time we passed by after visiting a place out of town and it happened to be lunch time. Ponsonby is one of the outer suburbs of the Auckland CBD and it is popular for its boutique shops as well as dining and cafes, it was a long time since I passed this place, so long when we went here several weeks ago there are a lot of establishments new to our eyes.

Tokyo Club 2

There was a very popular food court where we usually go before and initially that’s where we are heading until we saw this Ponsonby Central. We were amazed as the place looks really good, like a posh version of the food court we are after. It has lots of good restaurants from different cuisines (not just Asian) and the place was packed with lots of people.

Tokyo Club 3

Initially we were confused on what to eat as there are tons of choices but we decided to have some seafood hence we decided to have that on the Tokyo Club. There were some spare seats inside but we want to dine in alfresco style so we have to wait for one table outside to be free. While waiting we decided on what to eat using their menu outside, like usual Japanese restaurants they offer something similar so it was not hard for us to choose, minutes later we were seated and ordered immediately.

Tokyo Club 4

We had the following: First was the Blue Water Bento Box ($28), a bento box made out of different seafood dishes like Teriyaki Scallop, Panko Tiger Prawn, Steamed Rice, Panko White Market Fish, White Fish Sashimi, Salmon & Avocado Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, Egg & Wakame Omelette, Homemade Tartare Dressing, Gobo Burdock & Lotus Root Salad, Japanese Potato Salad and Miso Soup.

Tokyo Club 5

Another one was this ‘The Boss’ Bento Box ($25) which is the usual traditional bento made out of Teriyaki Chicken, Panko Tiger Prawn, Beef Tataki, Karaage Fried Chicken, Salmon Sashimi, Takoyaki Octopus Ball, Egg & Wakame Omelette, Lotus Root Gobo Salad, Japanese Potato Salad, Ratatouille, Green Salad and Miso Soup.

We also tried some donburi and on this instance we had some Grilled Salmon ‘Wild Akaroa’ ($25) served with some salad in Asian dressing.

Tokyo Club 6

Overall it was good, though it looks like there is a lot of food written on the menu it’s not that many when served to you, they are served in small bite sized pieces but it’s just enough to fill you up. The seafood was fresh and everything was well seasoned, I also liked the quality of rice used. Definitely will dine in here again but after we tried all of the restaurants in this wonderful place, watch this space as there are a lot of good restaurants in Ponsonby Central that we wanted to try.

Tokyo Club
Address: 4 Brown Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
Phone: +649-376 8016

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