Kura Restaurant (Auckland, New Zealand)

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I’ve been to Tanuki’s Cave several times and it was amazing, I love their food specially those yakitoris (their specialty) now I am trying one of their establishments called Kura just beside it. I never knew that they have 3 restaurants before until now and after I tried both the Sushi and Sake bar would be next on my itinerary.

I went here with my colleagues several weeks ago for dinner after looking for some good Japanese restaurants near our work place. Most of us haven’t been here so we did not know what to expect apart from the menu on their website.

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We entered using the back door and entered into a similarly themed restaurant like Tanuki’s cave, dark but cosy. We were seated at the corner which looks like a private dining area as we were secluded by three wall on each side. We can’t see who is in your left or right but the front wall is fully opened so you can still see what’s happening outside. The tables are Japanese style where it’s set up really low and you are required to remove your shoes.

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Like any Japanese establishments an Edamame (Steamed soya beans seasoned with salt) is a must but here it’s not free and quite pricey for $6.00 a small bowl.

Kura 08

While waiting I enjoyed a glass of chu-hi ($8.50) which was highly recommended by a colleague. Basically it’s a mixture of Shochu distilled spirit and Soda with Peach

Kura 07

We then started with some Chef’s selection of assorted nigiri sushi and temaki sushi ($38.00) and some Beef Tataki cheese roll sushi ($18.00).  The Chef’s selection is a mix of tuna, kingfish, salmon and prawn to name some. Seafood was fresh and the quality of the sushi was good.

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The Beef Tataki cheese roll on the other hand is filled with cream cheese, avocado and flying fish roe then covered seared raw beef tataki, sliced onion and melted cheese. I quite love this, it was creamy savoury delicious, this was the first time I tried a tataki served this way.

Kura 13

Kura 02

Then came the fried stuff, we had some prawn tempura ($14.00), vegetable tempura ($12.00) and some prawn fritters ($15.00) which is basically deep fried prawn mince coated with crisp flakes served with sweet chilli sauce. Tempura was amazing but the prawn fritters is quite oily.

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Kura 14

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We also had some grilled scotch fillet steak with Kura original sauce ($28.00), this was good as well, the beef was tender and moist complemented with a lovely sauce.

Kura 16

Next served was these agedashi tofu which are deep fried tofu cubes and eggplant served in a warm light soy and dashi stock ($9.50),

Kura 17

there were also some chicken karaage the Japanese equivalent of seasoned deep fried chicken ($13.00). Like any fried food this could not be faulted specially the tofu, it was perfectly fried, crisp outside and silky smooth inside.

Kura 18

And to wrap up things up I had some sago and coconut pudding served with sesame ice cream ($8.50), a very nice, light and not too sweet desert perfect to end a really great meal.

Kura 19

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Kura Sake Bar
Address: 315 Queen St, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand
Phone: +649 379 5656
Website: http://www.sakebars.co.nz/kura


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  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    That’s an incredible meal. I’m full just looking at the photos. The steak and the chicken karaage were calling my name.

  2. The Beef Tataki cheese roll ….. WOW! Never seen anything like it. 🙂

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