China Hong Kong Restaurant (North Shore City, New Zealand)

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I guess most Aucklanders heard of this restaurant before because it made the news for allegedly underpaying its staff but that was the past hopefully everything was settled now and everyone’s happy. What we will be focusing now is the food they serve, how they stack up with the numerous Asian restaurants and takeaways dominating the Auckland food scene.

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Most good Asian restaurants don’t differ much on taste as they cook most of them similarly but when it comes to price and serving this is where the game changes. In New Zealand a dish you can buy in Asian restaurants can vary from $10.00 up to $80.00 depending on the premises and here is where China Hong Kong Restaurant comes into play.

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Most of the common dishes you can order here cost similar to Asian takeaway shops where it is ranged between $12.00 to $18.00, serving size is big where a single dish can serve 2 hungry humans or 3 regular ones. It does not lack in taste as well because most of the dishes I tried there from the many occasions never had failed me, just look at other reviews online or in Google, you will see what I am talking about.

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Like I said we had dined in here on numerous occasions because it was so affordable, freshly cooked and delicious. Lucky we were introduced to this place by our friend 4 years ago and many years later we still do.

The last time we dine in was several weeks ago and the premises was even better, it was newly painted, and the walls were shiny white. There was 13 of us and like any Chinese restaurants the tables there were the Lazy Suzan type and most of them can handle the same number as our group so large families and groups won’t have an issue sitting all together.

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Our orders were salt and pepper squid, beef broccoli, vegetable fried rice, combination fried rice, wonton noodle soup, sweet and sour pork, combination stir fried noodles and lemon chicken.

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As usual everything was good, everything was made fresh and all came out of the kitchen really quick. What’s best is that it satisfied all our hunger and it only costs us $122.00, that’s like $9.30 per person. Now tell me is there such a place in Auckland that can match this? Is yes let us know the place in the comment box below so we can give it a shot and see if China Hong Kong Restaurant have a worthy contender.

Hong Kong & Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
Address: 64 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand 0626
Phone: +64 9-480 1168


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  1. Dear Raymund,

    The food looks good and the prices are cheaper than food courts and fast food here in Sydney.

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