The Pig and The Lady (Honolulu, Hawaii)

The Pig and The Lady 01

One of the best noodle dishes you will ever try is not found on an Asian country but in Hawaii on Farmers Market stall called The Pig and The Lady. Well I might be exaggerating a bit on that statement but I had one of the best bowl of hot noodle dish in here. Before I went for a vacation in Hawaii, I watched several TV shows about the island and one of them was Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation. In that show he recommended several restaurants and establishments and one of those is this one, The Pig and The Lady.

The Pig and The Lady 02

The Pig and The Lady have a restaurant but what I had tried was their KCC farmers’ market booth. It was set up in the middle of the market occupying a large chunk of the parking lot for their portable kitchen and some dining area.

The Pig and The Lady 03

There was quite a queue the time we visited there but service was quite fast so we got served I guess in less than 30 minutes from the time I lined up.

The Pig and The Lady 04

Like I said there were some dining area in the premises but it’s not enough for the amount of people waiting for their orders, it is also quite tight so we just ate in a grass patch behind their food truck. For my order I forgot the name but I asked the lady what is their must try noodle soup dish and recommended me their special (apparently these changes on a regular basis). The dish consists of pork, prawns, rice noodles, etc and it really tasted amazing, it was so good, I savoured every last drop of that soup, I hope I can ask for more noodles as it was really awesome.

The Pig and The Lady 05

I will definitely try this again but next time I will have to visit their restaurant so I can enjoy my bowl while sitting comfortably on a chair with a dining table.

The Pig and The Lady 06

Pig and the Lady @ KCC Farmers Market
Address: Kapiolani Community College, Kapi’olani Community College, 4303 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu, HI 96816, United States


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  1. Karen says:

    I agree with you, I’d much rather sit in a comfortable restaurant, especially to eat a good soup like the one you tried.

  2. Looks amazing, but prob not suitable for street eating, reckon like you, I’d prefer a restaurant to really enjoy. 🙂

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