Italia Square (Auckland, New Zealand)

We dined in here one lunch time after our planning session, it was the nearest nice restaurant from where we had our planning. It was advised by the host of our planning day that there is a new restaurant that we can try just along the corner.

Italia Square was quite new when we visited the place, I don’t know when it opened but when we were there bathroom fixtures were still being put up and the furnishings are new. There were some people there but not a lot, there were several staff as well to attend to us.

We were served by an Italian sounding waiter and he sounded really friendly as he got our orders we gladly wait while sipping on our ice cold beers and wines as we wind up for the day.

Italia Square (Auckland, New Zealand) 1

We ordered Caprese Salad ($22.00) which consists of fresh tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, I think this is not easy to be messed up with so nothing to fault in here as all caprese salads should taste similar.

Italia Square (Auckland, New Zealand) 2

Then I ordered some Risotto Truffles ($26.00) for my mains, it’s made out of carnarolli rice, porcini mushrooms and truffle pesto. This dish was amazing, perfectly cooked and seasoned, I love this and would be glad to order this again in the future.

Italia Square (Auckland, New Zealand) 3

Then after our mains we were presented with a dessert menu where I ordered Tiramisu (can’t remember the price). The tiramisu was quite different as I think it was assembled or created on demand rather than making it the traditional way of letting the coffee soak in the lady fingers. Anyways it was good but not as I expected, it’s not a proper tiramisu and lacks the taste of it. If it’s not named as such then I would give it a two thumbs up but naming it tiramisu was quite misleading to my taste buds.

Italia Square (Auckland, New Zealand) 4

My service experience was quite Ok the only thing we noticed is that the waiter forgot my beer order and when it arrived after ordering again the beer that I had was placed in a very large glass so it’s filled more than halfway (does not look nice). My colleagues have a different story as well, again the server forgot to write some orders and the ice cream my boss ordered kept on changing flavours as they don’t have the flavours available as mentioned.

Based on that experience, it looks like it’s just they are on their learning stage or some others call growing pains hopefully this changes after several months after they have proper on the job training. They serve some good food and they have a good wine list so this place is promising once they get established well.

Italia Square
Address: 100 Parnell Rise, Parnell, Auckland 1052 New Zealand
Phone: (09) 222 2888

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  1. kiwidutch says:

    New businesses always have a few teething problems and if you give polite feedback on the food and service then hopefully they take it on board, learn from it and up their game.

    I’m sure that it must be a steep learning curve, and of course we have no idea if they are experienced in the restaurant trade or if this is their very first gig… I’d definitely give then the benefit of the doubt and some leeway if the food is great.

    You are right, tiramisu needs to soak… I’m with you 100% on that one.

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