Jack Tar (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

Jack Tar 1

Me and my wife have been trying all of the different restaurants in the North Wharf since it opened. There are a lots of options to choose from like the Spanish cuisine of Pescado, Creole Cusine of Ms Clawdy to the Indian cuisine of Urban Turban.

Jack Tar 2

This time we will be trying the mixed Western cuisine of Jack Tar. This establishment offers anything from burgers, pizza, pasta, risotto, salads and chowder to name some. They are always full packed on weekend dinners so we visited the place on an earlier time.

What we ordered is this enormous Beef and Bacon Burger $19.90 made out of 200 grams of beef patty, crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, aioli, tomato chutney on toasted focaccia, topped with onion rings and is served with very thick cut fries. Like I said it’s massive! Definitely can feed one and a half person or one really hungry man leaving them with nothing but satisfaction in their face.

Jack Tar 3

We also ordered some Seafood Chowder $19.00 which is also served on a huge bowl. It is made with locally caught fish, prawns, mussels & scallops then served with toasted bread and butter. This was good and very filling but honestly me, my wife and my daughter think my seafood chowder is better.

Jack Tar 5

Other than that everything seems to be fine, service was quick, place was nice and the staff were friendly.

Jack Tar
Address: North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter Jellicoe St, Auckland 1010
Phone: +649-303 1002


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  1. Oh how delightful, love the look of that burger, gorgeous photo! Glad you are getting to try all the new joints in your area. I can’t wait to get home and try the many new places that have opened since I left a month ago. Have a great weekend my friend. Cheers, Anna

  2. Mmmm – love the look of that burger – though know I wouldn’t get through it!

  3. Great review! I went to Jack Tar “for drinks” so I loaded up on dinner at home beforehand. Unfortunately, my friends hadn’t done this so everyone else ordered dinner. I went for what I thought was a snack so that I wouldn’t be the only person without a meal at the table. The snack was huge!

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