Katsura (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

This restaurant is quite hidden from the public as it was located inside the Rendezvous Hotel, even inside the hotel its quite placed in an odd location on a corner where few people pass by its good in a way because it’s not too crowded when you want to have a nice and quiet lunch which I did a couple of weeks ago.

It was lunch and there were few people inside the restaurant, we were seated at the very end of the premises near the kitchen together with the few people dining in. Service was good but that should be given when there are a few people around. As we were seated we were handed out the menu and without thinking really heard we just asked for their lunch special which if I can remember costs around $20.00, quite pricey compared to the standard lunches in Auckland which costs around $12 to $15.

Few minutes later our lunch order arrived, it was really quick I guess they already prepared this ahead of time. First we were given some miso soup.

Katsura 3

Then a platter that consists of some sushi and sashimi, edamame, side salad, some sort of appetizer made out of chicken and a bowl of rice. The fish was fresh and the appetizer was great.

Katsura 1

Then a bowl of meatballs with shiitake in gravy with some baby spinach, this was quite odd as this was the first time I’ve seen a meatball in a Japanese restaurant. I am not sure if it’s Japanese but it was really good and I really loved it.

Katsura 2

Overall the food was excellent especially the non-Japanese looking dish of meatballs and shiitake, if I will be back here it’s because of that one. It might look that it’s not enough for lunch but trust me the serving was just right.

Katsura Japanese Restaurant
Address: 1/100 Mayoral Dr, Auckland 1010
Phone: +649-366 5628


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  1. Really beautiful, fresh sashimi is to die for. I especially love the salmon. Looks like a great place

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