Stir Fried Bok Choy and Minced Pork

Stir Fried Bok Choy and Minced Pork

If you get used eating with Asians you will notice they will always have some green leafy vegetables on the side, it’s like a must to have together with rice and some other dishes. I guess the most common vegetable dish that most of us know of is this Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce and Kailan with Oyster Sauce but trust me there are a lot of different variations like this recipe we have for today.

How about you do you have any Asian style green leafy vegetable recipe to share? Let us know.

Stir Fried Bok Choy and Minced Pork
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4
  • 2 packs bok choy (roughly 500 g), sliced in the middle
  • 150 g pork mince (35% fat)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 stalk spring onion, chopped
  • 1 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • oil
  1. In a wok add oil then cook pork mince until brown.
  2. Add garlic and spring onions then stir fry until fragrant.
  3. Add bok choy and Chinese cooking wine then stir fry until it’s all coated with the oil, cover wok then let it cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Add soy sauce and sesame oil then stir fry for 30 more seconds.
  5. Remove from wok then serve.


Stir Fried Bok Choy and Minced Pork Wide


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  1. Oh yummo, I was at the Farmers Markets on the weekend and they had these giant bunches of Bok Choy, I just had to have them in my life. 🙂 Will totes do up some stir fry with them. Thanks Raymund. Hope you are well and enjoying the week. Cheers, Anna

  2. Simple, healthful, and flavorful. Pass the chopsticks please. 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, just about to order some bok choy from my vegie guy.

  4. Dear Ray,

    I love stir fried bok choy even on its own. Well, another eating habit of Asians is they take pics of the food before digging in LOL!

  5. lalaine says:

    I ate this veggie stir-fry at our neighborhood Chinese restaurant a few days ago (although with tofu instead of ground pork) and I’ve been wanting to replicate the dish at home. Thanks, Raymund, for giving me a head start. Delicious recipe, as always.

  6. Some days I crave a nice big & hearty plate of greens, just like this! I love the little pockets of pork mince too, defintiely makes it so wholly asian and extra delicious of course.

  7. I LOVE bok choy! My mom used to put it into everything, but now I miss it.

  8. yupp, the most comforting veggies ever!!!

  9. mjskit says:

    What a great dish with bok choy! We just picked the rest of our bok choy and have been looking for something different. this is perfect. Thanks Raymund!

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