Dong De Moon (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

It is very seldom to see Korean restaurants that offer a different kind of dish like this restaurant called Dong De Moon that we recently tried in Auckland CBD’s High Street.

Korean restaurants most of the times is synonymous to table top indoor barbecue where you will be offered with all sorts of raw meats and it’s all up to you to cook your own meals by grilling them in front of your dining table. It is very seldom to see Korean restaurants that offer a different kind of dish like this restaurant that we recently tried in Auckland CBD’s High Street.

Dong De Moon 01

Their approach is quite different instead of the usual barbecue and banchan they serve meals like Bibimbap, Buldak and Naengmyeon to name some. It’s quite affordable as well where the mains will cost you somewhere around $13 to $20 on an average. A lot of the dishes are spicy so if you love them hot then this is the place for you.

We discovered this when we were having a walk in the city, it’s just near the big parking lot in High Street. The place is quite cosy where your table is enclosed in some sort of cubicle so you have your privacy when dining in. There are lots of options but not too much that it’s so confusing. The only odd thing is that there are some random Japanese dishes that you can order as well like the Sashimi don.

Most of the lunch meals will come with a side salad, miso soup and rice.

Dong De Moon 05

We tried three different items when we dined in there, first was the bibimbap. The photo below don’t show how huge the bowl was so now I am telling you it was large! It was served together with a bibimbap sauce on the side.

Dong De Moon 07

Next order was this marinated beef with vegetables, this was the best dish from what we ordered. Its savoury, sweet and spicy, it was seasoned really well.

Dong De Moon 08

Then we also had this spicy beef and vegetable stew, it was also good and really spicy. If you had tried Nongshim noodles this is spicier than that so be warned. I had a hard time finishing this because it was so hot but it’s so addictive I can’t stop slurping the soup.

Dong De Moon 09

Overall the experience was good, serving size was perfect and the service was great. So next time you are in CBD and looking for an affordable Korean restaurant that won’t make you smell like a barbecue after eating then try this one out.

Dong De Moon
Address: 42D High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland
Phone: +649-309-3309


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  1. I really don’t know much about Korean foods, we don’t have many restaurants in my city I can dine at to get a feel for the cuisine either. The marinated beef does look pretty great, especially that orange garnish. 🙂

  2. Mmmm – really must make a trip to ALK to try some of these great places.

  3. Led finitely a favorite cuisine of mine! I love heading out and indulging in some rather tasty food, whilst someone else does the cooking & washing up. Though something tells me i’ll be cooking and washing up for the next 20 years or so though 😉

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