One Dak Hanmari (North Shore City, New Zealand)

There are a lot of Korean Barbecue places here in Auckland there are expensive ones and tons of the affordable ones where the price ranges is somewhere between $19 to $25 but most of them cater for students as they are usually located near universities so you won’t see fancy restaurant but more of a functional one. These affordable ones usually have limited options like 6 different types of meat and less than a dozen banchan choices but the last one we tried is quite different.

One Dak Hanmari 11

One Dak Hanmari located in Takapuna in North Shore is affordable and will cost you only $25.00 per person for an all you can eat affair. They also have tons of options unlike the other affordable Korean Barbecue restaurants we tried because when we dined in, there was at least 13 different meats and seafood.

One Dak Hanmari 6

One Dak Hanmari 5

There were 13 different banchan, but since it was near its closing time when we visited the place some of the plates were empty.

One Dak Hanmari 1

There were also at least 10 different cooked dishes to choose from, like fried noodles (Japchae), fried rice and rice cakes (Tteokbokki)

One Dak Hanmari 7

One Dak Hanmari 2

Some hot soups

One Dak Hanmari 9

Like this pork bones (Gamjatang) that tasted nearly like sinigang with less sour taste.

One Dak Hanmari 10

There was also this cold dessert/drink called Sikhye.

One Dak Hanmari 8

Now after checking what’s up for grabs its grilling time. If you notice the grill used are the proper ones not the $30 Asian shop portable grill. They also replace the grill once in a while and when we were there ours was replaced thrice.

One Dak Hanmari 3

The flavours are so good specially the bulgogi which easily was our favourite of the bunch, the cut used was tender and it packs a lot of nice flavours.

One Dak Hanmari 4

There were also desserts but I am too full to get some so I did not took any photos of it. Overall we liked the experience the staff were friendly, they even gave my daughter an free drink of choice as we waited for quite a while to be seated as we did not reserved any seats. The place is always full packed at dinner time so it means something.

I think if I have one complain it would be the lack of strong exhaust you see on top of more expensive Korean barbecue restaurant so you will smell like barbecue when you leave the premises. But at that price I can’t complain more, the food was great with lots of selection.

One Dak Hanmari Korean BBQ
Address: 5 Auburn St, Takapuna 0622
Phone: +649-488-0012


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