Thai Yum Food Hut (North Shore City, New Zealand)

My wife was planning to eat here for the longest time when she saw this listed on The 100 Best Cheap Eats in Auckland 2013 but totally forgot until one time we were looking for somewhere to eat and we passed by this place.

It’s quite easy to miss as the restaurant is quite small, in fact there are only two tables so when you intend to dine in its better to call them first. The place is clean and was designed more for takeaway and they are popular with that because when we dined in a lot of people come and go through the door grabbing their orders.

Like any Thai restaurants it feels very Thai complete with the ornaments and usual greeting when you come in. Menu is all Thai dishes and they offer the most common ones. It was not a hard to order as we know what we love when it comes to Thai dishes so the wife ordered her favourite Thai Noodle which is the Pad Thai and this was perfectly cooked according to how we liked it. Noodles ae still firm but cooked and it has that slimy but not oily texture so the noodles don’t stick with each other. It is full of flavours and you can distinguish every taste profile in there from sweet, sour, savoury, nutty and a bit spicy, it just blends well together.

Thai Yum Food Hut 1

I then ordered a red curry, I liked this as well. Again it’s true to its Thai flavours a little bit of every flavours but with a spicy hot kick. This is so good I ordered two rice.

Thai Yum Food Hut 2

Then my daughter had some Chicken satay, the serving was generous and my daughter also loved it.

Thai Yum Food Hut 3

Each order can feed two normal humans or one really hungry person, they cook it fresh as you wait but for curries I doubt it as it will be quite tricky. The prices are very affordable and most importantly they tasted amazing!

Thai Yum Food Hut
Address: 23 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead, Auckland 0626
Phone: +649 480 6799
Website :


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  1. suituapui says:

    I love Thai…the pad Thai, green or red curry. Never tried their satay – probably the same as the Malaysian ones, with peanut sauce. Lots of other delights, Thai cuisine. No mango and sticky rice dessert? I like!!!

  2. mjskit says:

    I wish we had a Thai restaurant like this in my city. None of these dishes look like the Thai that is served here. Looks so good!

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