Cove Bites and Brews by Deep Creek Brewery (Waiheke Island, New Zealand)

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Dining here is not an everyday affair as I live in Auckland and this restaurant is located in the beautiful island of Waiheke but one time when we visited the island together with some of my colleagues for a planning activity I have the opportunity to try them.

Located in the Oneroa just in the main commercial centre of Waiheke, it’s not highly visible from the street as it’s tucked on the side cliff between Oneroa village lane and Ocean View road. It’s not a big restaurant but there is an ample space.

We visited the place on a Thursday afternoon for a late lunch if I can remember so it only us and another group. They immediately took our drink orders and I got some pilsner $9.00 (one of my favourite beer types), was quite tried as we just came from an activity where we zip lined though the forest downhill then walk back up so I finished the drink in several gulps. The beer was good (BTW they brew it there), light and crisp with some floral and citrus hints.

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Then we placed our orders, like I said was tired and hungry so I got the Mixed Grill $33.00 where it has everything like Barbecue Ribs, lamb kofta, skirt steak complemented with roasted vegetables, potato confit and tzatziki . I can smell my order while I was waiting making me even hungry, I recognize that skirt steak smell as I make this also at home, the burning meat aroma is just phenomenal. Now after that torture of waiting for you meal to arrive it’s time to devour it. The grilled steak was the first to try and it’s exactly how I wanted it, perfectly made, it’s flavourful and tender. The lamb kofta was good but a bit dry. Finally the ribs, as expected it tasted really great definitely you will lick the bones to get all those remaining flavours out of it. It’s quite a big meal and definitely will make a hungry meat eater happy.

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It does not end there, a good meal has to end with a good dessert but since most of us had enough we ordered something to share, we grabbed some Sweet Gringo Chips $9.50. It’s like a dessert nacho, thin bread crisps are doused in sugar and cinnamon then topped with ice cream, brownie chunks and drilled with chocolate and caramel sauce. Four of us shared in one serving and its more than enough, it’s a good serving size. The dessert was great and I think I will make something similar in the future, this will definitely entertain a lot of people.

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Overall I love their food, the place is really clean and the staff is really friendly making sure our needs are attended always. If I had the chance I want to try their eat all you can ribs but I will make sure I will be very hungry first before doing so.

Cove Bites and Brews by Deep Creek Brewery
Address : 149C Ocean View Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, Auckland
Phone : 093728209
Cove Bites Facebook Page


4 Responses

  1. Damn delicious and comforting restaurant!!!
    lovin their generous portion too…

  2. Oh, I do like the look of that mixed grill.

  3. The brew sounds delightful. AND…. Check out the size of the portions. Love that. 🙂

  4. suituapui says:

    Awesome food! I’ve been to most everywhere on the mainland – maybe if I hop over again anytime in the future, I would love to check out this island..or others, if any.

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