Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant is one of the most accessible restaurants to us but we never had dinner there before, mostly we only go here for Yum Cha.

This place is one of the most accessible restaurants to us but we never had dinner there before, mostly we only go here for Yum Cha. The price is quite affordable and the place is clean compared to most of the Chinese restaurants here in Auckland but does how does their dishes compare to others?

We had dinner here with several friends, I guess we had 3 huge round tables at that time for us, my wife already pre booked the place and pre ordered so when we arrive they know what to serve us, no need to scour through the long list of Chinese Menus. Each table have at least one order of each photo below apart from the noodles where she asked for two.

First to arrive was this mixed vegetables with beef, we love how they cooked this the vegetables are crisp and the beef is so tender, it has that jelly like texture similar to most for my stir fry recipes here at Ang Sarap. It’s seasoned very well not too salty and it packs a lot of flavour. Just look how vibrant those vegetables are.

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant 5

Next was this stir fried rice noodles, again it’s not shy of flavours as well as meat, I know it’s a bad angle photo but trust me you get a lot of meat hidden inside those strands of noodles. What I liked here is that the bean sprouts are still crispy.

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant 4

Then the deep fried salt and chilli squid came, this I guess is a no brainer as almost all deep fried are amazing. Honestly I can finish the whole plate, it’s so good and the squid is perfectly cooked.

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant 3

Now came the Chicken, Cashew and Celery again the vegetables are cooked while maintaining its crispiness another addictive dish where you constantly dig in your chopsticks to get those small vegetable and chicken nibbles.

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant 2

Finally Sweet and Sour Pork, a Chinese dinner will not be complete without it and yes this was expected it lived to our expectation, it tasted and prepared just how we wanted it.

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant 1

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant
Address: 17C Link Dr, North Shore 0627, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 09-443 6898

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6 Responses

  1. Yarm! It’s been ages since I had a really yummy Chinese meal… this one looks terrific. So glad you agree that a Chinese meal wouldn’t be complete without sweet & sour pork. I know it’s not top end, but I love the stuff.

  2. I love Yum Cha. I need to find a good place to go in New York.

  3. Everything looks so delicious! Craving for stir fry now!

  4. Dear Raymund,

    Chicken, celery and cashew nuts are a real menage a trois in a stir fry.

  5. suituapui says:

    Lovely choice of dishes, all look great. I wonder what the total cost is.

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