Little King Cafe (North Shore City, New Zealand)

We saw this place by accident when one time we are looking for some gift in the nearby Milford Mall. Initially we thought of having some Japanese for lunch but saw this Cafe filled with people and that’s what caught our attention.

After having a nosy of what’s inside we decided to have our lunch here and we were seated in less than 15 minutes. The environment is great, filled with young families and smiling staff. First thing you will notice here are the wall art which I really loved, the chairs are all different with each other and there is a huge wooden table in the middle. Everything there have this rustic French feel, I feel like I was transformed into a different location.

While looking at the menu we ordered our drinks and we preferred some smoothies, we got some Tangy Mango Smoothie which contains Mango slices, fresh pineapple slices and pineapple juice. We also ordered this Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie which contains blueberries, pomegranate juice, yogurt and honey, both are ice blended and costs $6.80.

Little King Cafe 1

We then ordered our mains and we got some burgers, salad and rice. For the salad we got this pork belly salad ($18.00) and it’s not just a salad it’s a full meal on its own. Basically it is made out of deep fried pork belly drizzled with yakitori sauce served with roasted pumpkins, wild green rocket greens, radicchio dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and side of Greek yogurt aioli. Amazing! Especially that deep fried pork belly.

Little King Cafe 3

Then we also had this Chicken Teriyaki ($18.00) where these tender strips of chicken breast are glazed with traditional Japanese style sesame teriyaki sauce served on purple steamed rice with wild rocket and almond salad. Again another great dish.

Little King Cafe 2

Finally we had this Beef Burger ($19.50) which is basically house made prime beef patty, streaky bacon, caramelized onions, brie cheese, avocado, tomatoes, rocket and tomato chutney sandwiched in ciabatta style buns. This is also served with French fries and garlic aioli dip. So how did it went? Well the burger is one of the best burgers I tried in Auckland so far and it’s very satisfying.

Little King Cafe 4

Overall the experience and food was great, we will certainly come back here again.
Little King Café
132 Kitchener Rd, Milford, Auckland 0620

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4 Responses

  1. Love the cool jar like glasses for smoothies, which incidentally look amazing.

  2. Amira says:

    I do not know why we all have more trust in restaurants filled with people :). Loved the dishes specially the juices and the Teriaki.

  3. Oh, love the look of that food – and like Anna the drinks look great.

  4. Dear Raymund,

    The burger looks good but it’s hard to pass on deep-fried pork belly!

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