Hakka Hut (North Shore City, New Zealand)

Hakka Hut (North Shore City, New Zealand) is a good yamcha restaurant in the Shore but before you pay a visit book a table first to avoid disappointment.

I had dined in at this place several times and we always had waited for an available table because in all of those occasions the place is packed with customers, they even had tables outside the premises in front of other businesses, this is how popular this place is.

Tucked at the end of William Pickering Drive, this place is not hard to find, it’s easily accessible especially for those who work in Albany. We usually dine in here on Sundays just after mass as it’s on the way home and this is what we had on our most recent visit.

Luckily there’s only three of us, which means it’s easier to find a table as most Asians dine in with their whole family plus extended members. There are several small tables which fits us perfectly so we don’t need to wait that long. As we were seated the dishes started pouring in, and like any yam cha restaurants the dishes we are after are the shumai and steamed pork bus.

First item we got was this deep fried taro puffs filled with spiced minced pork. I never usually order this before and just discovered this here in New Zealand and I glad I did. So for those scared on trying this out you are missing a lot, the outer part is crispy while the middle layer is like a mashed potato texture but more silkier. The meat filling completes it all as the sweet and savoury taste matches well to the creamy taro.

Hakka Hut 1

Next is this prawn and chives dumplings, I know they use good prawns as I can taste the difference, the prawns use was huge and there was a generous amount of it inside.

Hakka Hut 2

Then one of what we are waiting for, the barbecue pork steamed buns. Their steamed buns are smaller than most but they serve in threes rather than twos. The filling is perfect and the buns are spot on, nothing to complain on this one, it’s just simply amazing. I can have 6 of these 🙂

Hakka Hut 3

Then the shumai, again another favourite of ours and this one did not dismayed us, it’s a proper one, as they did not used minced pork instead they used finely chopped pork with prawns. So delicious especially with chilli oil and soy sauce.

Hakka Hut 4

Then the deep fried prawn dumplings, nearly similar to the steamed version equally amazing. This is served with mayonnaise.

Hakka Hut 5

We also got some flaky pastry filled with sweet pork and it’s like a hopia crossed with asado siopao. Again this is spot on!

Hakka Hut 6

Then since we are Filipinos it is a must to have rice on our tables and this is how you distinguish us with other Asians in a yamcha restaurant, commonly it’s only the Filipinos who order fried rice and pair it shumai.

Hakka Hut 7

Finally as a dessert we got this sticky rice cake which reminds me of the puto sold in wet markets back in the Philippines.

Hakka Hut 8

Overall I rate all of our experiences including this one A++, the staff are friendly specially the owner.


Hakka Hut Albany
Address: Unit 21-22, 44 William Pickering Drive, Albany
North Shore New Zealand
Phone: +6494481628

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3 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    Puto looks yummy as I remember them from yesteryears in Manila from the “maglalako ng Puto”—street vendor who goes around the neighborhood.

  2. Oh, I do so love yum cha – I was trying to decide which looked the best but have decided I just want it all!

  3. YUM ! Those deep fried taro balls are one of my favourites and these look like they’re done really well – not greasy or oily at all.

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