Leigh Sawmill Cafe (Leigh, New Zealand)

Leigh Sawmill Cafe is a hidden gem located North East of Matakana, if you are going to Goat’s Island or Matakana Market drop by this nice restaurant.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 1

Located 80 Kilometres North of Auckland is this hidden gem called Leigh Sawmill Cafe, I was lucky to have tried it when we had one of our Annual Conference held in a nearby location. Just on my own I won’t be able to find it as it is hidden on inner streets out of the main road but I guess know that I know where it is on my future visits on the vicinity this will be added to my itinerary.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 2

What this place offer are wood fired pizza alongside other menu which I guess changes frequently as it’s not available on their site. They also have their own brewery so expect tap beers. So on my first visit I was greeted on the bar so I ordered their Pale Ale which reminds me of San Miguel Beer, having said that I love it, it’s an easy drinking beer and tasted light.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 3

I was then seated and given the menu, I immediately looked for the seafood and I saw some seafood platter, it says selection changes daily so I asked the waiter what’s on it. Usually seafood platter in New Zealand contains different deep fried sea creatures like prawns, mussels, fish and squid but this one is quite unique as it is not all deep fried. It has mussels in tomatoes, fish ceviche, whitebait fritters plus much more, I was sold and ordered it.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 4

We also ordered some wood fired pizza breads and tried all of them, the Garlic and herb, with hummus.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 5

The Tomato sauce and mozzarella

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 6

and Cheese and balsamic onion.

They all tasted amazing and like any good pizza the dough was perfect, chewy with crispy outer crust.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 8

As I wait for my seafood platter other orders arrived and one of my colleagues orders a steak burger

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 7

served with French Fries or what we call chips here, and all I can say is that they are massive, just look this piece it is bigger than a hand.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 9

Now my ordered arrived and do you agree it’s a nice looking platter?

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 10

It contains your usual fried stuff like tempura prawns, pan seared scallops which by the way is perfectly cooked and some white bait fritters which is a delicacy in New Zealand.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 11

Then the ceviche which is more of a kokonda, all I can say is this is one hell of an amazing kokonda dish well-seasoned.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 12

Then the New Zealand green lipped mussels which is also equally delicious.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe 13


If you also noticed sour dough and herbed butter was served instead of the usual chips. Overall I love this platter as well as the pizza bread, definitely will go back here and try their other menu.

So if you’re going to Matakana  or Goats Island then try this restaurant, it’s quite pricey but I guess it’s all worth it.
The Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Restaurant & Bar
Address: 142 Pakiri Rd, Leigh 0985
Phone: +649-422 6019

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  1. I remember going to this café years ago and enjoying it – you are right about it not being the easiest to find! Food looks great – will definitely seek it when in the area again.

  2. cquek says:

    I think this dish would be the perfect meal!

  3. Serving those huge fries considered as angry cooks here in Indonesia, even i would loving to had it thou

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