Toto’s Restaurant (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

I never knew you can dine in at Toto’s until recently, before I thought it was purely take out as they own another similarly named restaurant in the same address but they serve fine dining food. As I look at their online menu there was no pizza so I called them before and asked if I can order their pizza from this restaurant as I really love it, they told me I can’t but never told me that they had a separate pizza dining place.

Several weeks ago we had one of our quarterly company department night outs where we have fun (do some interesting activities), dine and drink to all our hearts content. Toto’s pizza was the restaurant of choice and this was the first time I heard they had a separate premises for pizza dining.

So what do you expect when dining in? Basically it’s the same as the delivery plus more like additional entrees and desserts that does not go well in deliveries. The place is quite dark with a little bit of light just to recognize what you are eating.

First we ordered some entrees like this fried calamari pictured above and caprese (I forgot to take a photo of).

The squid is seasoned and cooked perfectly, I also notices they don’t use the large squid tubes but the small squid which I also guess is not the frozen processed variant as it still have that outer layer purple skin.

We also ordered some Arancini which is basically Risotto balls filled with boccincini cheese and peas, this was also good especially with the chilli infused olive oil.

Then the pizza came, we ordered a couple of 1 metre 50/50 pizza and it was good for the 12 of us. First half was called D’oro and it is made out of caramelised onions, mozzarella, champagne ham, cream, rosemary and parmesan, my personal favourite from Toto’s so give this a shot when you order there.

Next half was Pollo and this is made out of roast chicken, caponata, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, red onions, celery, tomato, olives, capers and mozzarella. It was also very good but for me D’oro is my top 1.

The dough in this pizza is really good, right thickness and chewiness, every pizza is well seasoned and flavourful. On the D’oro I love that touch of cream which gives it another dimension of flavour and texture which gives another level to your pizza experience. Three to four slices of this pizza is enough to make you satisfied.

Finally I had some tiramisu and that sums up everything, tummy and taste buds very satisfied.

Toto’s Pizza
Address: 53 Nelson St, Auckland, 1010
Phone: 09-302 2665


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