Giapo (Auckland, New Zealand)

Giapo (Auckland, New Zealand) is one of the best ice cream parlours in Auckland’s Queen Street, try their Organic Dark Chocolate Brownie or Christchurch Hazelnut.

Headlined as the most innovative and delicious ice cream in New Zealand backed with a guarantee that it’s the best ice cream you’ll ever taste this must be something really special. I first tried this when I was at a Tech Ed  conference this year here in Auckland, in one of the conference days it was offered to delegates for free and unlimited (while supply lasts of course), what I tried there was some sort of a chocolate ice cream (I did not take note of the flavour) and I can tell you that was the best chocolate ice cream I tried so far.

Having that impression one day when we were walking down Queen Street we decided to try what other flavours they have to offer. As we come inside this small shop we were happily greeted with an army of servers, in front of them are different cones to choose from as well as a choice of 18 different flavours (By the way they change flavours once in a so follow them at their website to know what’s new).

Giapo 3

The cones looks impressive as well as their flavour selection what caught my attention during that time was the Caramel Popcorn, Lemon Meringue Pie, Organic Hokey Pokey and Bacon, Organic Dark Chocolate Brownie, Christchurch Hazelnut, Kiss Kiss and Organic Banoffee Pie. We wanted to order everything but we need to hold our horses and avoid gluttony so we opted for the last four flavours mentioned.

Giapo 1

Giapo 2

As we wait for our order other got served which made us even more excited because they look impressive, not because of the serving size but the toppings they add, I remember one flavour was topped with a big round candy floss (cotton candy). So a few seconds later we got ours and here is our verdict. In one cup was the Christchurch Hazelnut and Organic Dark Chocolate Brownie, dark chocolate I think was the same thing I tried on the conference so I was really good but the Christchurch Hazelnut I reckon was even better, I love how they bring out the flavours in that hazelnut, it was rich and creamy.

Giapo 5

On another cup was Kiss Kiss (Chocolate and Hazelnut) and Organic Banoffee Pie (banana toffee pie), the Kiss Kiss is nearly similar to the first cup but lighter and the Banoffee Pie was great the taste of toffee and banana is evident but not overpowering each other.

Giapo 4

Overall I guess they can safely say that is the best ice cream you’ll ever taste but you don’t know what the future holds, for now I agree with their claim.


279 Queen St, Auckland, 1010


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  1. cquek says:

    DROOLING!! Oh man, I need five of these

  2. I am a sucker for seriously delicious ice cream. And I love the cones!

  3. kitchenriffs says:

    I’m with Peachy — those cones look great! Best ice cream? Wow! Lucky you!

  4. They even got flavoured cone, i guess i’m gonna lovin it….
    especially the bacon!!!

  5. Von says:

    I love trying out ice cream stores….this one looks so good!! The cones look amazing!

  6. You just made me really want to go out and grab some ice-cream Ray !

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