Sam’s Pizza Land (Zurich, Switzerland)

First lunch in Zurich and this what we had pizza! Yeah I know a lot of you are now thinking why not a local specialty like Fondue, raclette or roesti well like my first words in this post “first”, we don’t know any place yet so we opted for something we know just to be safe. At this stage we did not even know that pizza will be almost our daily lunch in Europe, anyways who would turn away a really good slice.

Sam's Pizza Land (Zurich, Switzerland) 1

This one for example the New York pizza, a simple concoction of red peppers, garlic and Parma ham this I guess is one of the best pizza’s we had in Europe for CHF 42.00 (NZ$ 57.00) if I can remember it better be. At twice the price of a good pizza here in New Zealand we savoured each bite, it was delicious, loaded with mozzarella, the crust was crunchy and chewy, and thickness was perfect!

Sam's Pizza Land (Zurich, Switzerland) 2

Sam’s Pizza Land 
Dreikönigstrasse 21
Zürich, Switzerland


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  1. The pizza looks super delicious, but I am not so sure about the price…

  2. I agree with Denise – great looking pizza at a not-so-great price! Always fun to see how the prices of different things vary around the world. But it sounds like it tasted terrific, which is the important thing.

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