Suan Long China Restarant (Zurich, Switzerland)

After continuous days of pizza and pasta we are in dire need of Asian, we need something like vegetables, noodles and meat, Suan Long China Restarant was our solution.

After continuous days of pizza, pasta and other European food we are in dire need of something Asian, we need something stir fried like vegetables, noodles and meat. Highly recommended by my mom, Suan Long was the solution for our fix but was it any good? Well yes but I cannot say what food items from the menu as some of this dishes was customized by our waiter according to what we wanted and we never looked through at the menu.

Suan Long China Restarant (Zurich, Switzerland) 1

We dined in here after a long drive from LegoLand, Gunzburg, everyone was hungry, the menu was long so we just asked our Filipina waitress what’s the best on their menu. The waitress was also suggesting a lot so she just asked us what we wanted and she will figure out what they can cook for us, suited for our Filipino taste. We told her we liked some vegetables, some noodles and some beef.

After a few minutes, she served us a cup of rice each except for me as I got two, then 3 serving plates filled with different stir fried dishes. First was the beef.

Suan Long China Restarant (Zurich, Switzerland) 2

Then some vegetables

Suan Long China Restarant (Zurich, Switzerland) 4

and the noodles.

Suan Long China Restarant (Zurich, Switzerland) 3

They all tasted amazing, everything was devoured without any leftovers even the sauces. We were really happy as the waitress did not failed us, she gave good recommendations and she was very helpful. I suggest if you dine in here look for that Filipina lady, don’t look at the menu and just tell her what you want, let her do the rest.

Restaurant Suan Long
Langstrasse 11
8004 Zürich


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  1. These look good Raymund. Made me hungry all of a sudden. :)

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    I love places that try to figure out what you want to eat, and then prepare that. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Michelle says:

    I always end up craving Asian food when in Europe. Luckily there are so many wonderful Vietnamese places in France (for the obvious reason). If I ever make it back to Zurich, I’ll look for that Filipina lady!

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