Gilardi (Cannes, France)

Gilardi is just near New Your New York, it’s a small restaurant but still packed with people. We were there quite early so there are few seats left unoccupied.

Dining in Cannes especially during the tourist season can be really hard especially when you don’t have any reservations made, almost all of the restaurants are full especially at dinner time. I still remember my first day there, were all tired after we drove all the way from Rome and what we all want is to sit down and have a nice dinner before we retire for the day, as we walk along Boulevard de la Croisette we saw a lot of restaurants but it’s all filled with people then we saw McDonalds nearly was tempted to dine in there thinking of fast service but we didn’t instead we choose the one beside it called New York New York. While we were seated almost after 15 minutes we have to wait nearly an hour for our food. Luckily the food was great otherwise it would have ruined the day for us.

Gilardi (Cannes, France) 1

Next day came and we still never learned our lesson so again here we are again hunting a restaurant to dine in for our dinner, after our stroll along the Le Suquet we find this restaurant called Gilardi just near New Your New York, it’s a small restaurant but still packed with people. We were there quite early so there are few seats left unoccupied. After being seated we ordered immediately without thinking much as we know at any time people will start pouring in, so it was Salade Californie (EUR 16.00), Demi-Poulet roti aux herbes, frites et salade (EUR 14) and Linguine ala Bolognaise (EUR 14) for us.

I guess from the looks of it you will know who ordered what item, the wife took the Salade Californie it is made out of mesclun, tomatoes, smoked salmon, prawns, tuna and grapefruit.

Gilardi (Cannes, France) 2

My daughter got the chicken, it was served with salad and fries.

Gilardi (Cannes, France) 3

While I took the pasta this time.

Gilardi (Cannes, France) 4

So what’s the verdict? Both salad and pasta was great, serving was huge so definitely you will be full after one plate. The pasta tasted really great, the tomato flavour was robust. The chicken is a bit dry especially the breast part but it was tasty, it was too much for my daughter to I have to finish everything. Service was great, I guess we asked for different condiments in multiple instances and the waiter gladly helped out. When we finished our dinner there are tons of people waiting to be seated, so if you will be ever dining in at Cannes my suggestion is do it early if you don’t have any reservations.

Gilardi (Cannes, France)
Rue Emile Négrin cor Rue Felix Faure
06400 Cannes, France


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  1. Hello. So jealous of you. You have been to a lot of places. Waiting for an hour happened to us here in the US . It is in the place called Red Lobster. Although they prepared the lobster just the way we usually do in the Philippines, the shrimp scampi was extremely good, so the waiting was kind of worth it. But we will not wait like that again, so now , we usually do our reservation ahead of time.

  2. Karen says:

    Oh yes, Dining early is necessary if you don’t have reservations. Sometimes the concierge at your hotel can get you a reservation at a restaurant that says they are fully booked. 🙂

  3. kitchenriffs says:

    We tend to eat early a lot simply because we never think to make reservations! Not the smartest idea in the world, but that’s who we are. 😉 Sounds like a terrific meal – thanks.

  4. Gosh, i love their generous portion for sure…
    i just hate some kind of “polite” dinning in a fancy restaurant with their tiny little courses…..

  5. We never did make it down to Cannes last May when we went to Italy, now here’s one more reason to fly back there:) We aren’t the best at making reservations either, it is nice to eat early and relax and wander through the town at night! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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