Pronto Pasta (Innsbruck, Austria)

On the way to Swarovski Kristallwelten in Austria you will see this little gem of a restaurant called Pronto Pasta, they serve Italian so there will be lots of pasta and pizza on the menu.

On the way to Swarovski Kristallwelten in Austria you feel like you are in a middle of small town without anything on it, not sure if it holds true for everyone but our GPS directed us to pass inside a small town called Wattens. It was nearly lunch time when we were there so we are on the hunt for a good restaurant, while driving I was already imagining some Bavarian meaty treats but when we arrived near the place the only restaurant we came across was something like a school cafeteria where food is self-served. Having said that this establishment it clean and spotless, they offer some decent meals but it was not what we are after so we asked the staff if there are good restaurants in the vicinity. To our surprise there was one and it’s quite near around 3 kilometres away.

As we arrived we feel like we are in a barren place as we barely see anyone, in fact we passed this place on the way but never thought there were some restaurant in the area. The restaurant is located in the corner of the main street but it is not very inviting due to the lack of people not because of its looks. As we enter there were four people seated in a fifty seating capacity restaurant, it was summer so there were flies everywhere, not sure if this is normal. We wanted to seat outside but there were more flies outside compared to inside the restaurant so we chose to dine inside. Waiter then greeted us and gave us the menu, to my surprise it was an Italian menu which made me think is there any other restaurant in Europe other than Italian (well yes, Italian just dominates it).

We ordered immediately and after some being refreshed in the toilet our orders were served, it was quick. First was the Spaghetti Vongole and like any vongole recipe this was really tasty.

Pronto Pasta (Innsbruck, Austria) 1

Then my daughter ordered some Carbonara, her usual favourite and this was really good. I guess the best carbonara she had on our trip.

Pronto Pasta (Innsbruck, Austria) 2

Then since I was looking for some meaty treat I had a Veal Scaloppini, it’s not your 300g slab of steak but this tasted amazing.

Pronto Pasta (Innsbruck, Austria) 3

Overall the quality of food was really good, price wise it’s on the mid to high, apologies if I haven’t indicated it as I can’t remember how much each costs.

Anyways as we finished a tourist bus arrived and lots of people swarmed the location, lucky we are on our way back to Kristallwelten otherwise we might be waiting really long after due to the amount of people ordering.

Pronto Pasta 
Kirchplatz 7, Wattens, Austria


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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Sounds like a great place! I love meat, but when there’s good pasta to be had? That’s usually my choice. So this would be perfect for me!

  2. Love little clams in pasta… Sounds like a great little place. BAM

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