Delices Yang (Cannes, France)

Looking for some cheap eats in Cannes, France well Delices Yang is your answer. They serve Asian food and whats best is that they are a buffet restaurant.

When in Cannes dining can be really expensive after all this is one of the playgrounds of the rich and famous but that does not mean you can’t find something inexpensive and satisfying at the same time, no I am not talking about fast food like McDonalds as there are some better options which is prized nearly the same. Delices Yang, for EUR 12.80 weekday buffet and EUR 16.80 for dinner and weekends, it is a good value for your money. Selection is also amazing from starters to dessert.

We passed by this place and planned to dine in for an early lunch (we skipped breakfast after a late night out) but we were quite early, I guess we dropped by around 11:30AM and we were told they will open in 30 minutes time, so we wandered around the location to kill time. They are located near the corner of Rue Emile Negrin and Rue Meynadier which is a very busy shopping area for tourists so killing time would not be an issue, but after 30 minutes we went back and everything was freshly cooked and staff are still placing the dishes on the servers.

During the time we were there the starters on the buffet menu are spring rolls, tempura, squid rings, fried chicken, dim sums, French fries, satay and batter fish to name some.

There is also a wide array of salad selection from Vietnamese spring rolls to Som Tam

Mains include different stir fried beef, chicken, seafood and pork dishes. There are also fried rice, fried noodles and steamed vegetables. At least 12 different viands.

Finally the dessert selection which you can choose from fresh fruits, some puddings and baked goods as well as ice cream (which I don’t have a picture of).

Guess what? I ate a lot! The food was right up my alley, after several weeks of pizza, pasta and other European dishes my taste buds was looking for something Asian and this was the cure. I guess eating a lot would not matter as it will be your fuel for the whole day or walking and touring, in fact this whole Europe tour I ate more than what I ate in a regular basis but I lost a lot of weight.

Delices Yang
10, Rue Emile Negrin
06400 Cannes


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  1. I was in Cannes this summer :)

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    I’ve never been to Cannes – would love to go sometime. And I’ll remember this for when I want to get great food at good value! Thanks.

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