Singapore Karaoke The Raffles (Zurich, Switzerland)

Back in Zurich when we are craving for some noodles this was our go to place, Singapore Karaoke The Raffles. I think we ate there three times in a months period and that is a clear and good indication that their food was amazing. I lived in Malaysia and occasionally go to Singapore so I know these guys prepare noodles like how the locals in Asia does it, I even think sometimes it was even better.

Located just near the Letzigrund tram stop in Badenerstrasse, this restaurant is very accessible by tram. If you happen to drive, there is also a parking lot beside the vegetable/Asian shop called Barkat, it was never full when we visited the place at several times.

As you enter the place I think they have two dining options, one was with service and another one for self service. We chose the self-service because it will be a cheaper option, having said that the price is not totally cheap in fact it is a bit expensive for us coming from New Zealand (where food is usually cheaper). A plate of noodles costs somewhere between CHF 19.00 – 22.00 (NZ$ 25.00 – 30.00 / PHP 1000.00 – 1200.00) and back in New Zealand you can get the same for less than half its price. On our first visit we ordered all noodles in different varieties and we stick to the same order on our succeeding visits. The noodles can be ordered with either chicken, beef or prawns and since we are all seafood lovers all of the noodles we ordered were prawns.

This is how our orders looked like. First was the Singapore Style Seafood Noodles

then the Seafood Thick Noodles

and the Seafood Rice Noodles

all of them came with loads of large prawns, most probably a dozen on each plate. The serving was enormous as well and can feed two people but since every time we dined in there we were so tired after a long day’s walk so each of us had a plate.

So if you happen to live or just visiting Zurich and you are looking for some good Asian noodle dish then I suggest dropping by this place.

Singapore Karaoke The Raffles (Zurich, Switzerland)
Badenerstrasse 530
Zürich, Switzerland


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  1. cquek says:

    I’m definetly giving this a try

  2. Karen says:

    If the dishes were half as good as they look, then they were delicious. I find Switzerland to be expensive on most things compared to prices in the US.

  3. The pancit-like dish looks awesome.

  4. I’ve never been to Raffles in Zurich but after looking at these photos, I want to!

  5. kitchenriffs says:

    I love noodles! And it sounds like this place is a real winner – wonderful pictues. I gotta book a ticket to Switzerland right away!

  6. Although I’ve never tried it, I heard that Singaporeans make really good noodle dishes. 🙂

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