Strudel Cafe Kroll (Innsbruck, Austria)

When you are in the town centre of Innsbruck try this Cafe called Strudel Cafe Kroll located in Hofgasse, they offer delicious Austrian pastries.

When we were on the way to Munich from Zurich we passed by Innsbruck and had a day trip there, a day is enough to enjoy the highlights of Innsbruck as it is not a really large city. Most of the things to see and do is in the old town apart from the Hungerburg Funicular and Swarovski Kristallwelten. Our first destination was the Swarovski Kristallwelten and Schloss Ambras in the morning, midday to afternoon in the old town and before heading to Munich we went for a short ride to view Innsbruck from above using the Hungerburg Funicular. All of it was interesting but most of the happening and excitement was located the old town, in there you find a lot of tourists, buskers and definitely lots of shops and cafes, one of those cafes is this Strudel Cafe Kroll located in Hofgasse.

We discovered this place when we were looking for the obligatory fridge magnet on all the cities we visited, it was just nearly beside one of the shops. We saw several people enjoying what they are eating in that pastry shop so we decided to have our afternoon tea in there. As we were seated outside the waitress asked for our order, while I have my list of what to try we asked her what is their specialty and we told her that’s what are we going to order. To my surprise my list and her suggestion matched except for the Topfenstrudel.

Service was fast so our coffee, tea and the pastries arrived quite quickly and we are all excited to take our first bite. First was the apple strudel (EUR 3.50), it was served warm matched with a good amount of cream sauce. All I can say is that this is not your regular apple pie, the fillings are spiced perfectly and it matches well with the cream sauce.

Next was the sacher torte (EUR 3.50), I was expecting it a bit denser but it tasted really good, the sacher tortes that I had tried before was heavier nearly similar to mud cakes in texture but I cannot taste the apricot jam in the middle. I never knew it should contain an apricot jam until I tried this, suprisingly the jam balances the strong chocolate flavour very well, it also adds to the moistness of the cake. It’s tarty and chocolatey at the same time.

Finally the Topfenstrudel (EUR 3.50) which is my favourite, lucky the waitress suggested this one out. Topfenstrudel is nearly similar to apple strudel but instead of apples it is filled with sweet and soft quark cheese, it is also served warm with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Overall everything was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who visits Innsbruck Old Town, its affordable, delicious and located right in the towns centre.
Strudel-Cafe Kröll
Hofgasse 6 – Altstadt
A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria


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  1. kitchenriffs says:

    Getting fridge magnets of all the places you visit is such a great idea! We tend to get ornaments for our Christmas tree. Anyway, this sounds terrific. Super post – thanks.

  2. Oh I love Innsbruck! Glad you liked it and the Topfenstrudel (it is really yummy with vanilla sauce :))

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