IKEA Meatballs

I never knew why people talk about this much until I tried this IKEA Meatballs personally, surprisingly it was really good, I even bought some to take home.

New Zealand and Philippines does not have an Ikea store so I don’t get to try their famous meatballs which is apparently loved by most of the people I know who had tried it. At first when I heard this dish it sounded really odd as Ikea is popular for its furniture and little that I know they are also popular with some food items like such. I never even saw this in Ikea when I was in Malaysia, must be because I did not mind having a nosey at their food court during those times as there are a lot of better and cheaper options like hawker stalls. Several years on I totally forgot about the Ikea brand and only see them once in a while in their ads printed on some international magazines I read, until I visited Switzerland.

When I was in Zurich me and my wife asked my mom whether there is an Ikea near her place, to our luck there is one roughly 20 minutes away. As I drove, my mom asked whether I tried their meatballs, apparently she was also hooked into it and told us we should try them. As we walked inside the establishment we were fronted by this big food court on the right wing and there it is the famous meatballs in all their glory proudly hanging printed on their walls, there are several options which are similar in plate contents, all options have meatballs, some sort of raspberry jam, mashed potato and gravy they only differ in the amount of meatballs on each plate. I ordered the biggest one I think, the 15 piece meatballs together with some apple pie.

So what’s the verdict? Well they tasted really good, I never expected them to. It’s not like your home made meatballs, the meat used in this one is minced finely so its texture resembles more of a sausage rather than ground meat. They are tasty and works well with the gravy and the jam, it’s not gourmet quality but for a processed food this is not average, we even bought some for home and later used that on a spaghetti meatballs which turned out real well. What I don’t like though was the apple pie which tastes those mass produced pies in foil packs sold in supermarket.

How about you have you tried this Ikea meatballs? If yes what do you think about it?


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  1. I like IKEA’s meatballs and chicken wings! 🙂

  2. awoni3 says:

    I’ve had them many times. Not sure what meat they are made of, but I do use them frequently with pasta. They are cheap and easy to use.

  3. Tessa says:

    I’ve never visited an IKEA. I’ve seen the ads but never ventured in… When I do, I will be sure to try the meatballs.

  4. I am due a trip to IKEA. Like yesterday? The store is only about 30 minutes from my home. I tried the meatballs, and I wanted to take a bag of them home. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t like them, so who would help me eat them? Also, he didn’t care for the furniture–calls it “particle board.” So next time, I’m going alone. I will go to their cafeteria and stuff myself silly with their meatballs. They don’t have the texture that I’m used to, but I find them delicious. While I’m there, I’ll check out their kitchen remodels. A good time awaits!

  5. kitchenriffs says:

    I’ve never tried their meatballs! But I know they’re famous. We don’t live close to an IKEA, alas, but next time I’m at one, I’ll definitely give these a try!

  6. shobelyn says:

    I’ve moved to various states in the US and I had lived closer to Ikea, but never even went there. I subscribed their catalogue and browsed it, but I did not go beyond that because I am afraid to voraciously spend all my money there. I might be brave one of these days and go. While I am there, I will try their meatballs. Thanks for the review.

  7. Eha says:

    I have not eaten the IKEA meatballs but any N European meatballs are normally made of finely minced pork, beaf and veal : taste and softeness. And please, nobody would use raspberry jam with meats – you had lingonberry preserves which are eaten witha number of meat dishes in all Northern European countries and are always there on a smorgasbord table 😉 !

  8. We have an Ikea in causeway bay. I have not tried their meatballs yet but now I can try your instead. Take care, BAM

  9. i thik the ikea meatball texture is kinda same with the indonesian (Bakso Malang)
    never try the ikea version, but i guess i would lovin it too…
    the cheese sauce and mashed potato pairing may not be suits with my asian licking….

  10. I’m obsessed with Ikea meatballs! We have a few of them in NJ, and I usually make a trip not to buy furniture, but just to eat there and take frozen meatballs to go! 🙂 They have some delicious jarred sauces as well.

  11. Soooo good with the mash and the gravy and the lingonberry(?). Sarap talaga :).

  12. I would like to try Ikea meatballs. I do wonder what meat they are. I wonder if the meat is similar to a meaty version of particleboard? A mix of this and that and plenty of “filler”?

  13. Shirley says:

    I’ve shopped at Ikea in the past but have never tried the meatballs! There’s one store that’s a 20-minute drive from home… I should check out those meatballs one day. And the shopping. 🙂

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