Gasthof Sternen Seon (Aargau, Switzerland)

Tucked in a small town in Aargau Switzerland this restaurant called Gasthof Sternen Seon is one of their hidden gems, I never imagined a remote place like this serves amazing food.

Most of our stay in Europe when we were over there for our holiday was in Switzerland so we had visited a lot of towns and cities across the country like Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Ticino, Bern and even Aargau to name some. To most Aargau might be a place unheard of, even us we never knew this place until one time when we travelled from Zurich to Bern. Instead of the usual highway route we decided to use the country road so we can pass and visit several castles like Schloss Hallwyl and Schloss Lenzburg. In that road we discovered by accident this restaurant called Gasthof Sternen, in a small town called Seon.

It’s a nice restaurant placed in somewhere we don’t know, but that does not mean the place is rustic and country like, actually it was the opposite. Once you are seated you will think you are in Zurich because the place looks really nice in comparison to where it is located, the price is a bit pricey as well compared to our standards but the food and service was phenomenal. I still remember the waiter asking us where are we from and the second I uttered the words New Zealand he said he always wanted to go there and had heard a lot of nice things about the place.

We were there just barely after lunch and the lunch menu (Mittagsmenü) was still available, dishes are offered in sets so you have the option to have soup or salad together with your mains. Wife ordered the Green Salad together with the Fish of the day.

The fish of the day was served with some rice pilaf and some vegetables, she let me try some of the fish and I can say it’s a fresh catch.

For my order it was Gazpacho and Zürich style veal in Cream and Wine sauce (Zurcher Geschnetzeltes). Honestly this was the second time I tried Gazpacho as I never really like the idea of cold soup, I thought I will like it this time but no luck. To be fair it was tasty but it was not just my thing.

As for the Zürich style veal in Cream and Wine sauce, it was served with fettuccine and buttered vegetables and it was superb!
Gasthof Sternen Seon
Oberdorfstrasse 1, 5703 Seon, Switzerland


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  1. Actually i’m not quite familiar with switzerland dish, but all of this sounds tasty….
    the tomato salsa over the fish is adorable refreshing!

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    Gosh, that veal looks so great! Everything does, but that in particular caught my eye. Good stuff – thanks.

  3. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    Veal in cream and wine sauce. Wow that looks delicious! Do you have a recipe in your amazing recipe archive already? I’d love to make that!!!

  4. Super jealous of your EU trip!! Everything looks so delicious 🙂

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