Satellite Sports Cafe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Looking for an eat all you can ribs in Amsterdam? well try this Satellite Sports Cafe just in the town centre they also serve beer which is the perfect match for this sweet savoury ribs.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, hungry and looking for some cheap food then look for Satellite Sports Cafe which is conveniently located in Leidseplein just a few metres at the Leidseplein Tram Station. They offer different items on the menu but their specialty is their “eat all you can ribs” served with green salad and baked potato with sour cream which they offer at Euro 9.95. At that price this is a steal compared the average price of normal restaurants or fast food in Europe.

Initially they will serve you a plate with everything on it like the one pictured above but on succeeding servings they will just give you two pieces of ribs. In my experience they first plate is already enough as I already had a hard time on my second plate, the first slab has a lot of meat on it. As for the flavour its comparable to the hickory smoked sweet flavoured barbecue in the States which I guess suits really well for American and Filipino tourits who wants their barbecue sweet. The texture is great, tender and juicy. With it I ordered some Heineken and they offer this as well on special 4 for Euro 11.50.

So if you’re in a budget and in a long holiday in Europe this will stretch your budget further as well as suppress your hunger for longer, having lunch here will keep you full and get busy with some other touristy stuff for the rest of the day.

Satellite Sports Cafe Amsterdam
Leidseplein 11, 1017 PS Amsterdam, Netherlands


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  1. Happy travelling to you! I love Amsterdam’s fritz and the mayo is the best! I guess next time I visit I will have to do a bit more exploring as these ribs look delicious.

  2. kitchenriffs says:

    Amsterdam is such a great city, isn’t it? Wish I had known about this last time I was there, but I know I’ll be back. 😉 Great review – thanks.

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