Must Try Foods in Belgium

Have a look at this list of Must Try Food in Belgium so if you ever visit the country try them all out, they are one of the best dishes the country have to offer.

Last two weeks we featured Switzerland and Munich, Germany in this must try series, now let’s go to Belgium. The city we visited was Brussels and I know those who have been here would say it’s not the cleanest or prettiest city in Europe but it has its charms. Apart from Manneken Pis, Grand Palais, Atomium and Mini Europe they have great food and beer.

Belgium 4

Mussels and Fries – My first reaction when I first saw this is, “Why the hell will you eat fries with mussels?” Well I am glad I tried it as they seemed to be a perfect match. Those mussels might look small but when you are served with a bucket full, it will definitely fill you up.
Belgian Beer With more than 170 breweries in Belgium and thousand different brands of beer you should definitely try some out. Best to try them are in tasting bars usually sold in sets of 6 glasses so you can have a good grasp of some of the local’s favourites.

Flemish Stew – Since beer is so good in Belgium why not use it as a main ingredient in a stew, the Flemish stew.  Imagine succulent beef, carrots and mushrooms slowly simmered in Belgian Brown Ale.

Belgium 2

Belgian Chocolates – One of Belgium’s specialty are chocolates, while I mentioned this on the Switzerland list, this has to be in Belgium’s list as well. When we were there we tried Godiva and another brand which I can’t remember anymore and all I can say is that the experience and flavour is different with the Swiss. If you like richer cocoa flavour then Belgian chocolate is for you, Swiss chocolates are for those who want it creamy and smooth.

Belgium 1

Belgian WaffleWhen you visit Brussels or I guess any touristy parts of Belgium this street food would not be missed as a lot of them sells it. It starts from as simple as sugar or syrup topping to something more fancy where strawberries, melted chocolate and bananas are involved.


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  1. Darya says:

    I live on the Belgian border, and couldn’t agree more with your selection of “must-try”-s (we have similar dishes here). The secret to the stew is a dark beet sugar called cassonade (in Belgium) and vergeoise (in France) – I will be posting a recipe for the stew at some point during the winter! And having made hundreds of mussels-and-fries for our local street fair on the 1st of September, I can guarantee that it is probably the local favorite!

  2. mussle and french fries seems akward for for my asian licking..
    just wishing at least they cook it in sweet and sour sauce..hehehe

  3. Antypasti says:

    Was drooling at your pictures :)

  4. kitchenriffs says:

    Gotta say when I saw the mussels and fries combo, I said exactly the same thing you did! But it sounds like it works. I’ve been to Belgium, but very briefly (not even enough time for a meal there – I passed through traveling to someplace else). I gotta go back and eat! Sounds like I missed loads of good stuff.

  5. I have always been a fan of mussel and Belgium fries + beer since I had that combine for the first time a few years ago here in NY. Now I am very interested in trying the other must-trys you listed. I gotta make that trip to Belgium someday. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Kristy says:

    I loved the mussels and all the seafood in Brussels!! Looks like you ate well there too! Delicious memories. :)

  7. I should never have read this before lunch!!!

  8. With food like these, food in Belgium is certainly a must-try! The waffles and chocolate really caught my eye.

  9. cquek says:

    These are incredibly good. love the food in Belgium

  10. Oh yum yum yum!!! I want Belgian waffles, there are my favourites! For the Flemish stew, I can assure you that you can find stunning one on the other side of the border; French call it ‘Carbonnade flammande’… Perfect with french fries…

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