Guest Post : Alice from Girl in a Food Frenzy featuring Savoury Baked Apple with pork & walnut stuffing, with braised Cavalo Nero

It’s that time of the year again where we feature exceptional bloggers here at Ang Sarap, so every Fridays in the months of June, July and August you will get to know them as they will be sharing something about themselves and featuring some of their special recipes. These are exceptional bloggers so visit and follow their blogs, you would not be disappointed.

First on the list is Alice from Sydney the blogger behind “Girl in a Food Frenzy“, a blog where I see food, photography and videography meets art. It is one of the sites that leaves a nostalgic feeling after visiting and reading the articles.   Just look at the artwork below and you will see why.

Hello Ang Sarap readers. Firstly, a huge thank you to Raymund for kindly offering me a chance to guest post here and secondly a thanks to you, the readers for taking the time to peruse this recipe from my blog, Girl in a food frenzy

I’ve been following Raymund’s blog at Ang Sarap for just under a year now. Like you, I was immediately drawn in by his incredibly photography, the stories and unique multicultural aspect of his food and mostly because I just love feeding my tummy through my eyes!

To summarise, I’m a Sydney based Theatre designer, food blogger, part time student chef, hobby film maker and full-time Instagram addict!

My family background is Chinese and I’m first generation Australian. In fact, my family have run restaurants all my life and still do to this day so yes, food is definitely in my blood!

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought it might be appropriate to find a recipe which would work as a winter warmer for those (like us!) Or for those in the northern hemisphere who might miss their baked dinners, (but don’t necessarily want to commit to a full roast.)

This dish makes use of many of my favourite ingredients, with the aroma of caramelised apples…a savoury stuffing of pork and walnuts…and the bountiful scent of spices to titillate your senses.

Apples & pork, cheese & apple, nutmeg & spices… there’s so many familiar combinations of deliciousness in this dish and yet, you just may not have sampled them together yet?

This could be a side dish for that next festive occasion you have coming up? It might be the dish to accompany you under that snuggly blanket as you perch a dish of these warm apples on your lap and watch the rain outside?

Either way, these Savoury Baked Apples could be the hero of your next meal! You can thank me later 😉

Savoury Baked Apple with pork & walnut stuffing, with braised Cavalo Nero.- serves 4

Special equipment:
A small skillet or pan to bask the apples in and an apple corer.

1-2 Apples per person, choose a firm eating variety like a Granny Smith.
Pork mince 150g (vegan or vegetarian, you could use nut crumbs like walnuts or pecans perhaps. Allergic to nuts? A mix of brown & wild rice would work well too.
Few tbsp of Walnut crumbs
Pinch of fennel seeds
1/2 clove garlic minced,
A few tbsp of fresh grated Parmesan cheese,
Knob of Butter,
Salt & pepper,
1 Bay leaf,
1 Star anise bud,
Handful of dates
4-5 Tasmanian pepperberries or (juniper berries)

1/2 bunch Cavalo Nero, (Silverbeet or red cabbage would work as substitues too,)
1 clove garlic
Knob of Butter
Pinch of nutmeg,
Pinch of sugar,
Salt & pepper.
Dash of cream (optional?)


Preheat the oven to 200C/392F.

Make the savoury stuffing first. Combine the pork mince with the walnuts, nutmeg, & fennel seeds, along with the garlic, salt & pepper and grated parmesan. Mix until the stuffing comes together in a smooth ball.

Peel & core the apples and cut a lid into the top of apple to allow for stuffing. Stuff the cavity with the savoury mince and place the lids on top, pack in the filling firmly. (Any left over mixture can be rolled into meatballs and cooked & served aside the apples.)

Pan fry with a little butter in small skillet, gently seal the apples all over until a light golden brown, (this should take 2-3 mins.) Add the dates, pepper berries (or juniper berries) bay leaf & star anise to the pan. Sprinkle a little extra walnuts crumbs over the top cavity and bake in a hot oven at 200C/392F

Be careful not to over bake (lest they collapse.)

If, after 20 mins you want a little more colour, a minute or two under a hot grill should suffice.

Braised Cavalo Nero:

Wash and chop Cavalo Nero,

In a hot pan sauté with butter, salt & pepper (and whole garlic clove, if using.) When it begins to wilt, reduce heat, add the nutmeg & cream and cook until the mixture slightly thickens.

Serve alongside the baked apples and enjoy!


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  1. kiwidutch says:

    Sounds amazing! Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  2. Preety complete tasty meals…
    btw, myjuniper berries is just shipped,
    can wait to give this recipe a try…

  3. Michelle says:

    Wonderful, Alice! That’s (almost) enough to make me wish for fall.

  4. Thanks Raymund, for introducing us to Alice ~ what a treat!

  5. Hi Raymund, thank you again for the feature! I hope it’s a recipe that your readers will enjoy! 🙂

  6. wok with ray says:

    Wow what a nice guest post, Raymund. Thank you for introducing us to Alice. Nice meeting you Alice.

  7. Purely.. Kay says:

    I LOVE green apples, but never thought about making a savory dish with them (mainly because I typically eat them by itself). This looks amazing

  8. LOVE Alice! I don’t think there’s any recipes of hers I haven’t loved!

  9. Wonderful guest post!

  10. I love meeting new bloggers, Alice.. this is such a lovely dish, full of flavors that entice! Nutmeg, star anise, juniper berries.. I love the sound of these ingredients!!

  11. Wow, I never thought of doing a savoury apple dish before. This sounds so yummy – such a cool, unique twist of the traditional pork ‘n apples.

  12. jlaceda says:

    Wow, pleased to meet you! Thanks, Raymund, for introducing me to another wonderful blog! And thanks, Alice, for a very original recipe! Can’t wait to try this!

  13. hipfoodiemom says:

    Alice, what a wonderful recipe!! Looks absolutely delicious!! And so happy to have now discovered Raymund’s blog.
    Raymund, One word: wow. I just spent 10 minutes checking out your Food Gawker gallery. oh. my. goodness. everything looks amazing!!

  14. Alice has a delicious blog! Thanks for sharing, Raymund 🙂

  15. Super recipe! Really nice guest post – thanks so much.

  16. What an interesting dish. I love the flavours used here. Will definitely try this recipe because I’m sure my family will love this! Thanks for featuring ‘Girl in a Food Frenzy’ for your guest post, Raymund! Truly ‘ang sarap’ !

  17. mjskit says:

    What a incredibly creative dish! You use some of my favorite ingredients but I would never have thought to use them in one dish. This looks delicious! So very nice to meet you Alice and looking forward to checking out your blog. Headed over there.

  18. Oh, this is a great seasonal dish. We’ve been getting lots of apples and cavolo nero this winter. Pork and apple are such a delicious pairing too.

  19. veghotpot says:

    Amazing and really unique! Love the rice veggie option, sounds great!

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