Yoghurt Story (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

While walking along Queen St, my eyes were locked into an ice cream shop called Giapo but when I turned my head the other way I saw Yoghurt Story.

Let me start by stating that this is the best yoghurt I ever tasted so far, it’s so good it tastes like an ice cream.

We tried this several weeks ago when we had our lunch at the city, after lunch my wife said that we should grab a nice cold dessert to end a really good Japanese meal that we had. While walking along Queen St, my eyes were locked into an ice cream shop called Giapo but when I turned my head the other way me and my wife saw this vibrant and colourful shop, it’s so inviting so we checked it out. On entry we were given some complimentary yogurt tasting, the flavours presented were mango and strawberry. We did not think twice and grabbed that first spoon, the moment it touched our tongues we immediately got hooked like a powerful addictive drug. We then decided to grab some and try the full serving. At this moment they are selling it per gram and it costs $2.99 per 100 grams, you can get any flavour you want and match it to any topping you desire.

We were then escorted to a help you’re self-vending machines where different flavours are on display, knowing our love with mangoes it was our first choice.

Yoghurt Story 4 Yoghurt Story 5

We did not add any topping as those are just added weight and it will defeat the purpose of a healthy yoghurt, anyways the yoghurt is good enough and it’s like an insult putting some candy or chocolate toppings to it (BTW there are healthy options as well like fruits). As we are about to pay I saw the chocolate flavours, dark and white then pointed it out to my daughter, chocolate lover she is definitely those were added to the order.

So in all we tried four different flavours and I can say all of them tasted really good and tasted like the flavours they are representing, it does not taste like yogurt at all it was fruity and creamy with hints of yoghurt.  The chocolate was chocolaty and I feel like I ate some good quality dark chocolate soft serve.  Everything was phenomenal, really superb especially when it is complemented by a hot summer day.

Youghurt Story
Web: http://www.yoghurtstory.co.nz/
Phone: 09 307 0207
Address: 166/174 Queen St, City Centre, Auckland 1010 New Zealand


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  1. We have several like this here in Colorado, I agree with you about how perfect it is on a hot summer day … now if we could just get to the hot summer days! ;)

  2. I thinkt he yogurt is calling me :). I have a yogurt place here I can’t wait to open up for the spring/summer months.

  3. pingks says:

    Kiwi Yo in Mission Bay is so so much better imho. a branch of Kiwi Yo will be opening soon in Takapuna :) Self-served yoghurt boomed in 2010-2011 in the Philippines…and then was replaced with bubble teas left and right. Yum! I miss the Philippines coz there’s so much variety there and lots of stores to choose from unlike here in NZ:| Can’t even find a decent bubble tea here in Auckland. oh well, ces’t la vie… :)

    • rsmacaalay says:

      I know what you mean about variety we have way much less in here, I remember when I used to go to SM Supermarkets just search for peanut butter or jam you will be presented with almost half a very long aisle of products while here its only 3-4 brands. About the yoghurt this is the first time I tried it and I saw Filipino bloggers based in the Philippines writing about them 2 years ago, I guess it was a hit like Zagu and Shawarma its the Filipino fad mentality. Anyways I give that Kiwi Yo a try, looks like a good suggestion.

  4. self-service vending machine for a healthy dessert?? i like…. :)

  5. Nami | Just One Cookbook says:

    No matter how cold it is outside, frozen yogurt has been my kids’ special treat. They go crazy with toppings too if I don’t watch them. ;) (which ends up more expensive because it’s so heavy!)

  6. This sounds like soft yogurt ice cream. Haven’t had it in ages. Are you addicted to some powerful drug since you are drawing a comparison:) Yogurt is a good replacement!!!

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