La Porchetta (Auckland, New Zealand)

I never heard of someone talking about this restaurant so I really don’t know what to expect, my only clue was its name “La Porchetta” which is the Italian for “whole roasted pig”.

After that Toto’s Pizza review it looks like it would be hard to appreciate other pizza parlours, the sheer excellence of their pizza is not comparable to any pizza that I tried. But let’s remove that thought, move on and give chance to others hence we are reviewing this restaurant the “La Porcetta” in Ponsonby.

I never heard of someone talking about this restaurant so I really don’t know what to expect, my only clue was its name “La Porcetta” which is the Italian for “whole roasted pig”. So are they serving roasted pig? What I know is that the restaurants theme is Italian. One day we decided to have a quiet family dinner little did we expect this place was not quiet at all; it’s even noisier than Asian restaurants. I guess we came in a wrong day and time as it was filled with different groups of noisy yuppies. I am not sure if this is always the case but that’s what we experienced. It was a bad start of the dinner as the noisy sounds adds a lot of stress especially if you want to relax, unwind and have a nice meal. That all changed when we ordered, what we had was pizza, pasta and something to nibble on.

First up was the  Frittura Mista which is basically a deep fried seafood platter, its good but nothing special, definitely it the breaded frozen ones that you can buy at the supermarket.  Both the scallops and fish are good but the squid rings are not that great, it’s not real squid and I think it’s the processed ones.  As a bonus salad and chips/french fries are included in this entree for $23.90 I think the price is OK.

Next was the Calebrese pasta priced at $13.80 for entree size or $17.40 for the bigger size, this was good flavours are well balanced its sweet, savoury, herb infused with hints of acidity even though it’s just a simple combination of tomatoes, capsicum, calebrese salami, onions and herbs.  This was the star of the night, my wife even told me that the pasta saved the day, if it’s not for this pasta this will not be a good day.

Finally the Meat Lovers Pizza priced at $16.90 for the largest size, it is good as well but not as great like what I had said earlier, the flavours are spot on, its cheesy and meaty.  My only concern is that the base feels like it is processed like the ones you see in Pizza Hut or Shakeys, though it is chewy and doughy on the inside with hints of crispiness outside, what it lacks is the handmade feel of the better counterparts.  If I can rate it properly, it’s definitely better than other fast food pizza chains but not better than Sal’s and Toto’s.

Overall the dishes were OK apart from the brilliant Calebrese pasta, if it were not for the noisy crowd this would be way much enjoyable experience. Hope to try this again maybe it is a bit quieter.

La Porchetta
Website :
Address : 304 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby, Auckland 1011, New Zealand
Phone : +64 9-360 0318


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  1. The pizza, the pasta, I’m in love. I am totally so hungry right now lol. I would definitely visit this restaurant

  2. We used to go to La Porchetta on Hobson Street when we lived in the area. We visited so often that the staff knew our order. The food is basic rather than amazing but we returned because it was filling and consistent. Not the best fare around, but edible and reasonably priced. That was about 10 years ago mind you so the prices were cheaper. The one thing I loved about the Hobson Street branch is seeing pizza dough tossing right by the entrance.

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