Toto’s Pizza Metre Long Pizza (Auckland CBD, New Zealand)

When I first saw this pizza my eyes literally dropped to the floor, it was my ex-colleague who introduced this to me when he ordered one for lunch before.  At first I had a hard time imagining how really big is a one metre pizza until it was delivered, my first reaction is that it looks like a mini coffin look at these boxes it covered the whole round table.


It looks enormous because it is enormous!

Yes it is big but how does it taste? Well all I can say is that it huge in taste as well, it is mind blowing the best I tried so far.

I know I already said this with my Sal’s review but that’s for pepperoni only. Toto’s is in a different ball game and totally different flavours so no direct comparison can be made, I guess I will be having hard time looking for a better pizza because of this one. The base is chewy delicious and the ingredients used are A+++.

One day I will take proper photos of the pizza but for now I am itching to share this so bear with the phone pictures.

So far I had tried the following:

  • D’oro (leftmost in the photo) $39.00 per metre – Ingredients consists of caramelised onions, mozzarella, champagne ham, cream, rosemary, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil
  • Buffalo (middle in the photo) $49.00 per metre – Ingredients consists of cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, basil, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil
  • Calabrese (rightmost in the photo) $39.00 per metre – Ingredients consists of tomato pulp, salami, olives, oregano, chilli, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil
  • Toto (not pictured) $49.00 per metre – Ingredients consists of tomato pulp, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil

All of them are all good, no complains or whatsoever. After 4 slices I gave up and I gave up with a fight, the last 1 1/2 slice was a struggle for my stomach but a pleasure for my senses, I still want some because its good but my stomach don’t have space for it (gluttony in other words). Each slice is massive and really heavy so if you’re planning to have some beer and pizza this is the best option, that 1 metre can go a long way with 3 or 4 people. The price might be high but just look how massive it is and how many it can feed, so I guess this will be a no brainer.

Toto's Pizza 1

Toto’s Pizza by the Metre
Address : 53 Nelson St Auckland City
Website :
Phone : 09 302 2665


18 Responses

  1. Too often pizza like this can be gimmicky, so it’s great that it meets the taste test as well. I remember a pizza place that did something similar and people bought it because of the size, but the taste was nothing to rave about.

  2. I LOVE pizza and these are making me drool on myself lol. And I love some of the ingredients in these pizzas. This was definitely a great post

  3. Kristy says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!! I could eat one of those easily. Well, maybe not easily, but I could do it and I would enjoy every second of it.:)

  4. I’ve always thought this would be an excellent and impressive way to feed a hungry crowd. In fact, my pizza loving husband might appreciate this spread for his birthday this weekend. Which was your favourite pizza?

  5. Wow, this is incredible! I’ve never seen a pizza that big! Really, really fun stuff – thanks.

  6. mjskit says:

    WOW! Now that’s what I call pizza!!!! The computer is filled with the smell of pizza! They all look SOOOOOO good!

  7. WOW! I wish there’s something like that here!

  8. bnkbuffet says:

    woah!? What a pizza! That’s enormous! haha! I wonder if I could eat a whole box of this, but I would love to try! I’m getting hungry just by looking at those pictures..

  9. yeah, it does look like a casket… but tooooo big for me.. I’ll have a stomachache if i eat all of it..

  10. Now that is a pizza! I’ll take two for myself….seriously

  11. My sweetheart and I have always wanted to visit NZ. One day (I can only imaging his suprise) when I take him there and for a long pizza by the metre, no less!!! 😉

  12. philcooks says:

    Nice review and I’m pretty keen to try that pizza now. Just a minor note – the link to their webpage should be: (without the ‘s’) – the one on the review just 404s.

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