Erawan Thai (Auckland, New Zealand)

Erawan Thai Entree
Last Christmas this is where we held our company’s business support services Christmas party and one thing I must tell you, true to most Thai restaurants I tried in Auckland the food is amazing but will I go back here again?  Well let’s see.

Erawan Thai is located in Herne Bay, Auckland City just meters away from the end of Ponsonby, the setting is nice and quiet in an old refurbished colonial style houses. Parking is ample and once inside you will be greeted with the traditional Thai way, inside looks like you usual Thai restaurants.

Like most of our company gathering drinks will be the top priority so we are greeted with an unlimited bar tab so we can beer, wine, cocktail or drink all we want. After some drinks, settling down and some announcements entree was served. We were served with Mixed Appetizers which is basically a selection of spring roll, chicken satay, kanom pung nar goong (Marinated shrimps with sesame on toast), chicken wings and money bags. There were 5 of each in a plate, I am not sure if its their standard fare or customized to our needs but if it is then this is good value because in their menu it’s just $11.00. All of then taste terrific and my personal favourite in that plate was the chicken satay and kanom pung nar goong.
Erawan Thai Pad Thai
After the entree, there were some presentations from each team who dressed in their assigned 70’s to 80’s band, we got Queen and we have to perform “We will rock you”.  After our presentation and several others, the mains were served.  First up was Prawn Pad thai, again the serving was ample and again it was delicious. In their website it was priced $23.50 so I think it’s a bit pricey compared to others.
Erawan Thai Chicken Cashew
Next up was Chicken Pad Med Ma-Muang which is a stir fried chicken, roasted cashew nuts and vegetables in Thai seasoning.
Erawan Thai Stir Fried Beef and Vegetables
Then another stir fried dish which I am not sure what is it called.  Anyways it is beef with mixed vegetables, most of their stir fries are priced at $19.50.  Both were equally good but they also nearly looked the same, just a change in meat and some additional cashews.
Erawan Thai Green Chicken Curry

Finally the superstar of the night was this Chicken Aeng Kheaw Wan which is a Green Curry, flavoured with ground chili in coconut milk, bamboo shoots, kaffir leaves and vegetables priced at $19.50 as well. Now why I said superstar, well the sauce alone was phenomenal, even though it does not have a lots of chicken, vegetables and bamboo shoots it sure is a big hit, just rice and the sauce alone would be enough and that’s what happened we all asked for extra rice to finish all the sauce in that bowl.

Now what is my verdict? well I am still unsure until the next time that I will give this restaurant a shot. But no doubt the dishes are great and they all tasted in between 9 to 10 in a scale of 10 my only concern is its price compared to other good Thai restaurants, its pricey compared to them but food taste is nearly if not taste the same. I was thinking they offer a better food presentation but I guess that time when we were there it’s a bit hard to justify as there were heaps of us filling the whole restaurant and they want to serve these dishes almost at the same time. Imagine there are 8 long tables that can fit between 10-12 hungry people, and to add to that we were noisy and rowdy thanks to the alcohol infused people. I hope I can give this restaurant another try when it is all quiet and normal so they can present the dishes the best way they can.

Erawan Thai
Website :
Address : 165 Jervois Road Auckland 1011
Phone : 09-361 3261


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  1. Kristy says:

    The food does look delicious. Sounds like you had a great company party!

  2. I find Thai restaurants in Auckland are consistently about the same. I think it’s tricky because there are so many good restaurants and when you dine there, you think “I’m going to come back all the time” but then next time, you try another place. Only because there is really too many decent or new food places that it seems that life is too short to keep visiting the same ones over and over again, UNLESS they are your local. A place has to be heads and shoulders above the rest to do well.

  3. Mmm I do love Thai food- this looks pretty good!

  4. peachkins says:

    lovelovelove the Green Curry!

  5. Oh, I do love good Thai food. But then I’m spoiled, because my college rommate was a Thai girl and she and our other Thai friends fed me fantastic homemade Thai food and taught me to adore it as much as I did them!

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