Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza (North Shore, New Zealand)

Sal’s I guess has the best tasting pepperoni pizza for a fast food chain here in New Zealand, though I am not sure if they are categorized as fast food I regard them as one because I you just need a slice you can grab a hot one in matter of seconds, but don’t get me wrong they do cook everything fresh and when you order a whole pizza then you will have to wait for a bit.  I tried a lot of pepperoni pizza here and nothing comes close to what Sal’s is offering size wise and taste wise.  The serving sizes are huge and I bet two slices will satisfy you, my daughter who is a pizza fanatic can eat up to 4 slices from the competitor brands but this one seems like she gave up after 1 and tried to push another 1/2 of the pizza as she really loves it.  The flavour as well is amazing, the taste of pepperoni is strong, the cheese is too gooey and the pizza dough is perfectly crisp and chewy.  We already dined in Sal’s multiple times and the pepperoni pizza are always spot on regardless of what branch we are in, unlike other pizza chains where flavour tends to vary from branch to branch.
Sals Menu
Last week we dined into one and took some pictures as I thought I want to give this restaurant a good review as they made us happy and very contented all the time, we ordered a 1/2 and 1/2 pizza which you can combine 2 flavours.
Sals Pepperoni Side
First half was the pepperoni and the other half was chicken.Sals Chicken Cutlet Side

The pepperoni definitely would be always the first one to try, as it is tried and tested.  It’s a simple pizza with cheese and pepperoni topping but it always works.

Sals Pepperoni Slice
Second to try was the chicken, it is made out of chicken cutlet and fresh tomatoes.  It is good as well but not as great as the pepperoni.  We also tried different flavours before like the meatballs pizza, we had the same feelings towards it like the chicken pizza it is good but nothing like the pepperoni.  So if you are craving for some slice go to the nearest Sal’s from your place and order the pepperoni pizza, trust me it will never let you down.
Sals Chicken Cutlet Slice

For this review we went to Sal’s Takapuna which can be found here:

Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza
Website :
Address : 1-7 The Strand, Takapuna, New Zealand
Phone : (09) 487 7257 (SALS)

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  1. I really struggle eating just 2 slices of Sal’s but I’ve heard that there have been a handful of people (men) that have eaten a whole Sal’s pizza in one sitting. I would consider them fast food still. Most pizza places cook pizzas to order right? Even Dominio’s and Pizza Hut.

  2. Michelle says:

    That looks just like New York!

  3. Alex says:

    It does look really tasty!

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